Withdrawal SENDING/PENDING wallet 0.0.5

Hi SafeX team,
I’m cheering you on in the creation of a free market !

I’m exploring your wallet, testing it’s features.
I’ve attempted to send some of my safex to tradesatoshi.com and I can’t tell if the transaction is underway…

The screen shows me this ( SENDING / PENDING )

From: 17zLMhj9rsmmLAPzHhKaJpCcKFcyxnyZHj
To : 1PEj5KUHeQMUBu7GpTUxuvqTzLeuHRAn83

Win 7, x64
Wallet 0.0.5
Yes, there is BTC in my wallet for the SLOW fee

Can I close this window ? ( or will it let me know when the transaction is registered )
When do I know the transaction ID ?