Xcalibra not supported in some states

So it appears that Xcalibra will no longer be supported in certain states including Florida. What is the best reasonable alternative exchange (if any, that truly have material volume?) .


Jesus Christ :man_facepalming:


It’s unfortunate they don’t support Florida. And that is where Dan and is starting his company. But Xcalibra is a separate business. Hopefully they open up in future.

All we can do now is keep mining and hold.

I don’t know of any other exchanges we can use. If their are any?


It’s unfortunate that half of the country can’t continue to use Xcalibra for the time being, but also now we can advertise the business to the half of the country we are good to go in while we begin filings in the other states that had to be closed.

It’s a small minus, but a huge plus in legitimacy and the ability to market the company and Safex especially.

We will get an alternative exchange up and running soon, we can promptly open up trading at bitrue.com and this is what I am planning to do, finally, the integration there is already completed we just needed to open the doors.


That’s great. Can you maybe do something about p2pb2b exchange? Their wallet is already >6 weeks under maintenance and nothing seems to move. After plenty chats, I don’t get further than: “it’s ready when it’s ready”. Thanks in advance.

I have pinged their team each week since then… honestly please as a lay person do not bring this harshness from your side of the story.

I paid for these listings personally, I put this together and I am doing the best I can with the limited resource I have to move things forward.

I built a specific Safex exchange for us, and in due time it will be open to the other half of the country. Right now this is epic and legitimate approach, please lighten up.

If you meant only the kindest and then forgive me and I appreciate your support. Please be kind.


I’ve seen too @dandabek that you’re also an Angel investor, donating and working hard on behalf of others!

I hope your solicitation for accredited investors is progressing on a positive note. This is all a big undertaking for just one person footing all the bills. Thank you for not giving up!


Personally, I don’t see any harshness in my question. It’s just a question for some assistance as this exchange is telling nothing. I had hoped a message from you to them would trigger them to get things done quicker. It appears obvious this is not the case. Also I have paid with my personal money to get plenty SFX in support of the Safex journey I embarked in 2016, so there’s no difference in that.

I have only kudos & love to you and you still have my full support. No worries, only good vibes!


Sweet!, I would love to tell you I wish p2pb2b would hurry up, but I am hopeful and keep busy with lots of parallel tasks so that these individual situations don’t get me worked up.

I hope the same for all of us. Everything, just not all at once, this life has taught me.

I appreciated your comment even if it seemed to me at the time harsh, but only because being in the salt mines. though I have followed up each week with a “hey how is that update looking?”

I saw that they launched off a few other coins, so likely they had their teams tied up there. Let’s see how it goes. I have bitrue.com in the pipeline actively and I am supporting their opening at the moment with real time communication to just make sure all is tidied up to pursue the opening.



steps forward with bitrue


bitrue will launch Aug 4th


p2pb2b.io deposits for sfx are now back online…