1 safex = 0.14 $ ?!

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I noticed that - sounds ridiculous.

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See my post here

There has to be a market for anything to be considered an asset… Otherwise, this is a promise that may or not be kept. If the users are in control, they need an outlet to freely exchange coins. Even if it is temporary. Otherwise, I have useless coins I can do nothing with that only SAFEX controls.

When they offer to exchange SAFEX for BTC, then there is at least some market… Until then, these coins are worthless.


but now safex.io generates btc with users buying safex overpriced… not a way to handle that… we clearly saw that the market price was not even half the price of safex.io

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I have 257,000 I’m willing to part with at 140 sats each :neutral_face:


Currently my Safex wallet is showing the value of coins at $0.0000026031 per coin. Meaning according to that the market cap is $5,590.11.

Wish I could buy some more at that price!!

Because safex is embedded in a small amount of bitcoin… so you are just seeing the value of the bitcoin which the safex is riding on.

Guys, just read this forum and other safex news. If you think that this coin is worthless or thinking of selling, you are crazy. Too lazy to type why on every post, so you just need to educate yourself about this coin before making ridiculous statements


Let people make their own trading decisions. This is really inappropriate.

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this is why I was only really willing to sell at max 10% of my safex portfolio just to help out those who cannot purchase it right now I’d not dream of selling all my safex 0 chance…

Sell now when the market is panicking. Yeah, as Rockefeller said, when there is blood on the streets - BUY!

Wanna lose money, go ahead and sell…

its not a means of selling as it’d only be 10% at max it’s a means of helping fellow brothers out who are unable to buy right now or simply do not want to pay 925 sats just to get some safex

There will be a lot of opportunities to purchase safex on many exchanges

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I was new to SAFEX and had to learn it the hard way when I bought 40.000 SAFEX for 0.369 BTC on the website, I expected to pay a premium, because I couldn’t buy on the exchange, but i paid significantly more than a “premium”, I effectively paid .175 $ / SAFEX, or 925 Sats

OMG Steele the coins are NOT worthless, you know what safex is about right? To say that you must just be trading just for profit, the holders want to see the safe exchange running. We are not thinking of selling our coins.

I am looking to buy safex. Let me know if you have some left.

Does it not tell you before u buy them???

I will also buy some if you are willing to sell

If they are worthless to you, I will happily purchase them