After Migration still no coins

Hello i already migrated some coins in the past now i was going to do the rest, but i do not recive any STF or SFX. What is the problem ? Thanks for helping

The Migration period finished at the end of November 2019. It was open for 390 days for people to complete the process successfully.

Following the end of the official migration window, a further 48-hours was given as a final grace period, for people correct any issues that may have occurred by rushing the process as the official window closed.

So any old Safex can no longer be migrated.

ok, ihave now this: Migration Table and a Safex Adress, 50000 SFT and 127 SFX. how to transfer them to new wallet or what to do now ?

You should have a read of…

thanks i managed it, now i dont see the same value of coins as in my old safex wallet on the migrationstable how can that be ?

When did you do the migration burns?

Anything after 30 November 2019 (or 2 December, technically) will never come across.

ahhhh thats why, can i get the burned safex back ?


Any old Safex not migrated during the migration period are now dead and worthless, so far as the project is concerned.

Hi, i sent my safex coins to the burn address before the closing date and never received my equivalent tokens in return. still nothing, please help.

It wasn’t just a matter of doing the migration burn. Did you complete the entire process (set both halves) successfully? Did the Migration Table populate after you did your burn? (That was the visual confirmation in the wallet that you did it all correctly).

yes i set both halves and as far as i can tell it all confirmed, just have zero balance now. i have a confirmation in my history showing the coins i sent to the burn address- should i send you this?

What does the Migration Table show?

zero everything apart from the minimal btc left

If the Migration Table didn’t populate, then you didn’t set the halves correctly. That is why the additional 48-hr grace period was provided - to allow people to fix any issues.

If you just ignored it, then it is now too late.

I did set both halves correctly. surely you can look this up. so now i just have to be fine with my coins being gone?

If you share your old address, I can look at the block explorers.

tx address?

Your old Safex address… wallet address.


Correctly set halves and burn show three outgoing txns (Set - Set - Burn)

Unfortunately, you obviously panicked (doing it on 2 December) and rushed the process. You needed to let the first half get set and the txn get processed before moving forward to set the second half. You obviously didn’t, because you actually managed to get the burn txn onto the same block as the setting of the first half, meaning you absolutely did things far too quickly.

Proof is in the timestamps:

Only two outgoing txns.