Bittrex Wallet Out of Maint

FYI, my safex wallet in bittrex is out of maintenance.

Of course, with good news comes bad… went to my safex wallet which isn’t synching right now… sigh.


same here. is it safe to send anyway?

Send tester guys

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good call but if the wallet isn’t syncing than there is no way to tell. only if its view-able on the ledger

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@dandabek any word on the wallet issue?

synched up now… all good


If only it didn’t say delisting, still…

is your safex wallet syncing or are you talking about the bittrex wallet?

safex wallet is synched

My safex wallet is saying synchronisation error, try refreshing later.
Any reason for this?

My safex wallet keeps saying “hodl”.


Everyone to hold we will make it x10 soonhold-hold


You can view your safex balance using the web site. On the landing page is an address balance checker. Just put in your address and it gives you your balance (can take 30 sconds)

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Get them freshly cleaned coins, sparkling new from the maintenance.


My safex wallet is still saying senchronisation error and the 2 green lights are not coming up.
Can anyone help with this?
I think i have a dud wallet. not syncing, not showing safex price and i can’t cut and copy my dress off the wallet.
I am new to the wallet though

I doubled down on more coins at this cheap price and want them off shittrex

Hi. I’m probably newest member here…I’m trying to get mine off of BTRX also. I sent a test load…it’s not showing up in the wallet yet, but I did check on omniwallet, and the transaction is showing up there. So, I guess it’s just a matter of time before it hits my wallet. Wheee, what a ride.

Still not in my wallet…would have thought it would have made it by now.

Any thoughts?

I really think an extra developer on the team is a must

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Its posted on Twitter that wallet is resynchronizing, so ones is done you will have your coins. For now your coins are probably stuck on confirmations. Cryptopia is stuck on 5/20 confirmations for 8 hours.