Cannot download Wallet To Mac

Hey Everyone,

I bought Safex many years ago and scrambling to find where I put them.
I tried downloading the wallet from and it is not allowing me to do so.

This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.

Chrome downloaded this file today at 1:07 PM from


Did you complete migration?

Hi there,

I completed some type of migration for sure, I remember doing it. Just trying to remember where I go to find my coins? Is it a website or wallet?


Ok, great to hear you completed migration. Yes there were compatibility issues with the Orbiter (new blockchain) wallet for some Mac versions.

At present, you either use the cli wallet, which has always been available for all 3 OSs, or you need to wait for the imminent release of the new TWM wallet (with builtin Safex Marketplace functionality).