Coins stuck in 0.0.6 Wallet

Hello, Safex community

I have an issue with ~12k SAFEX coins bought in 2017 which are stuck in an older version of the wallet. I checked a lot of threads here but didn’t found an answer to the question - is it possible to still moves those coins even though I missed the official swap period a year ago (wasn’t very active in crypto at that time).

I also tried to contact someone from the team via the contact form on the website and the Facebook chat 2 weeks ago, to no avail.

If there is a way to move these coins to the new wallet and get the new SFT/SFX, I ask for your assistance in providing a guide on the matter.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Atems, unfortunately not, the time has passed for the migration on swapping them. Just my opinion but there is still plenty of upside for SFT and SFX at the current time so it isn’t too late to get ahold of those via the XCalibra exchange.