Coinspot transferred coins to Orbiter Wallet - Now can’t see anything!!

We were told we had to transfer from coinspot to orbiter in Jan 2021.Which Coinspot done manually for us. Have access to wallet and have all seeds etc. once in Wallet can’t see anything all just says loading. How can we get the coins out now and get the money? Why is it doing this?


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I have read all that.
I’m still very stuck on this matter.
I am wanting to know if I back my computer up on a hard drive and on the PC then how do I get my coins out of the wallet - coinspot only put them in there on the first week on January 2021. I can’t see anything only says loading the whole time.

Your coins exist on the blockchain, not physically in your hard drive.

So long as you’ve made appropriate backups of your address and private keys/mnemonic seed then you can restore it onto any other computer at any time in the future.

Ok Thankyou

We have everything backed up and have all the seeds etc.


How now do I get this into another wallet to take the money out. Or do I have to wait now???

You can immediately use the cli wallet, which is fully functional, or if command line wallets aren’t your friend, you have to await the twmwallet release.

Great thanks I’ll give it a go tomorrow and let you know how I go.

Thankyou so much for your help. Much appreciated

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I have windows 10 and have pressed on the link above for the cil on my computer. I have received an error message to not open this link and that it is a threat!!!

Has anyone else received this when trying this above link?

I need to get my coins out of Oribiter Wallet asap - can anyone help? can I sell my coins through giving the seed?

Please Help how to get them out!!!


The AV warning is a false positive.

on Windows, you need to whitelist it with your antivirus software/s and set it to Run in Administrator mode

Does anyone know the release date for the TWM wallet - watched the video today on that and hoping I can use that once released?

Do you know if I will be able to get access to that once released to get my coins out of safex oribiter wallet?

There’s no guaranteed date on when TWM wallet will release, but it expect very soon.

As for your coins… they reside on the blockchain, they’re not actually sitting in Orbiter. All you need to do is restore your wallet address in twmwallet (or cli) and you’ll have access to your coins.

Thankyou again for your help.

I’m going to take my computer to an IT guy 2moro or Tuesday to get him to show how to run it in administration mode as I would not know how to do that! Then hopefully cil will work for me.

Let you know how I go next few days.

hi, sorry but if you dont know how to run your computer in admin mode then you are probably not able to use the cli (command line) wallet, which requires good computer coding knowledge much more advanced than switching into admin (administration) mode, sorry but you are waiting with the rest of us to either sell or stake their tokens

The process has been explained here in the forum for various files many times. (Eg. Safex Dev Update: March 23, 2020 - #3 by aussiesloth)

But like @hello said, if you need to take your PC to an IT co instead of just searching here or Google to find the answer, then the cli wallet is probably beyond your level of computing skills, and waiting for TWM wallet is probably the safest thing you can do.

Thankyou for the information.

Looks like I’m waiting for the TWM wallet to release.

If anyone hears any information when this is released please let me know.

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Just catch the weekly Monday updates here on the forum (Tuesday for Aussies) and you’ll certainly see all Safex related news, including the TWM wallet release.