ETH - Ethereum

Makes perfect sense. Thank you for the update.


Short ETH 3 days ago a bit early, but I think it would go down farther than 3 days ago price. It’s quite pumped that’s for sure.

Eth is getting blasted.

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Flat line on ETH, Bitcoin also flat lined.

And the ETH collapses.

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After the drastic drop on ETH the amount of available bitcoins in lending shot up in quantity. This is connected with how many people lost who were long eth. Now price could be more normal, it isn’t over bought and not oversold. about 40% of outstanding long positions are still open, and probably close on short.

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ETH drops 6% so far, might recover to 0.02 but I wouldn’t bet on it; though overall bearish on ETH.

ETH stable, bitcoin loan availability 30% or so lower.

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ETH slightly lower off of a pump. My theory is ETH “maximalists” are selling ETC and pumping ETH, a big mistake IMO though understandable activity.

ETH mostly flat, some test to support level

words of wisdom:
never sit in a room for more than a few minutes that has fresh coat of polyurethane on the floor
nearly back 100%


Narrow range ETH 0.0185 and 0.0195

ETH rallying as ETC is declining… DAO Classic Refund contract is upon us

ETH pares back gains following the ETC distribution earlier this week.

ETH continues it’s losses

ETH continues to decline, Dev Con 2 takes place September 19 in 2 weeks.