Harbinger #6 LIVE Monday 13th March 21hrs Gmt

Harbinger #6
Crypto prices
Safe Exchange
Harbinger is a weekly altcoin talk, news, and discussion podcast. Discussing, privacy, music and decentralization with some of today’s rising artists, performers, producers, and free thinkers from all over the world.
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Great watch, suggest anyone with 30 min to watch this.

Official dev update will come in tomorrow.

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As discussed
Altcoin prices

Bitcoin ETF - huge fluctuations, and ultimate denial

Most Altcoins that are on Poloniex rising like wild after the ETF event

Safe Exchange Coin past week and ticker changes

Safe Exchange updates

Don’t keep your coins deposited in the exchange. New article on why you should withdraw your coins from the exchange as soon as possible.

Safe Exchange progress on network protocol
Safex.io website improvements and finalities
-Safex Coin management interface
-Built in voting and proposals
-Buy Safex without an exchange account
-Affiliate rewards
-Manage dividends from holding the Safex stake

This is all in parallel preparation for the unveiling of Chille Blockchain.

N99 updates

Seeds overview

Discussion points

Decentralization in practice in music its roots [fanzines/patches/bootlegs/etc] >> future >>n99

Featured track
A new season a new life @Ceiling_Demons