Help : withdraw from Tradesatoshi

I ve made a withdraw from of 100k safex to safex wallet.
But 2 days later, the withdraw is not confirmed.
I ve asked the admin of the website and he told me that the safex wallet is under maintenance.

Could a member of safex staff tell me more about this issue please ?

This is the reason. And it is all to do with tradesatoshi. The withdrawal will not happen till their wallet is out of maintenance., There is nothing to do with safex’s own wallet.

But they said that the issue came from safex wallet and not tradesatoshis marketplace.
Well the safex wallet will be fixed ?


The issue can be the low fees paid. Tradesatoshi did increase the fees they put on transactions during the last week

So the issue can be

  • low fees means the transaction could take days to go through and the tradesatoshi will say they sent it (correct) the transaction is waiting for confirmations, the safex’s wallet is waiting for the confirmations. The transaction is in transition and you need to wait for it to go through or be rejected by the blockchain
  • Safex’s wallet maintenance means it does not see it yet, even though it has gone though
  • tradesatoshi hasn’t actually sent it and will be sent when their wallet maintenance is over.

You can get the transaction ID from the tradesatoshi site (History-Withdrawals) and plug that txid into
to see how many confirmations it has had

Technically it is not a fault of the market place but of their safex wallet which is under maintenance. The marketplace is a separate part of their processes to deposits and withdrawals

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@NoirCap, if there is no transaction ID then you just have to wait for the wallet maintenance to finish.

Doubt its a scam. They let me withdraw previously (both btc & safex)

@Rob i been waiting 9 days for my safex to be credited on the Tradesatoshi exchange When i look up the txid it gas over 1,400 confirmations yet i do not have my coins so is the problem like you said the wallet is in maintenance still after all these days any insight would be appreciated

See where I replied to this

Hello Safex community,

I have the same problem withdrawing from TradeSatoshi as Noircap. It has been more than 24 hours since I withdraw from the website and I had around the same amount of Safex coins as NoirCap. I did confirm the e-mail from TradeSatoshi to complete the withdraw. But it still says ‘‘progressing’’ and ‘‘0’’ confirmations after 24 hours…

Noircap - have you received your SAFEX in your wallet at this date?

And to everyone else with some experience - is it normal to take so long time for withdrawing from TradeSatoshi to the Safex wallet? It seems like the wallet is not under maintenance.

Please help. All info is appreciated.

I’ve also emailed the support waiting for a reply.


Yes, I ve received my safex 3 days after my withdrawal.
And now, I m waiting for another safex, and it will be longer i think. I m waiting for 4 days :frowning:


I am still waiting and it has been 6 days now. Mine says ‘‘processing’’ with ‘‘0’’ confirmations. Do you have the same?

this just happened to me, tradesatoshi wallet was working fine, coins just pending for 4 days now, i think they are hodl my coins or sent safex coins by boat to my wallet, has anyone had the same problem ?

Did your SAFEX finally get sent to your wallet? I have been waiting for 24 hours and no progress from TS