How come safex/chille coin be not banned or siezed?

Required justification

Does it require justification? It’s a valid question of any cryptocurrency, not just this one, so perhaps it’s one for a community FAQ…? If you try to devote your site to explaining crypto from the very basic principles to the current state of the tech, you’re going to end up doing that full-time…

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Great question :slight_smile: I suggest you add it to the FAQ so that the SAFEX team can reply with more info on the subject

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Daniel interview with forbes today?

Check reddit, is it true?

@dawnmarie131 is a troll that try to talk shit about this project since the past couple days, ignore her. Daniel confirmed on the slack that there as been a Forbes interview that will end up in a future article but that’s about it on that story really.

forreals @dawnmarie131 shut yo face up lol