How long does it take to send Safex to Bittrex from Safex Wallet?

I sent Safex Coins from the Safex Wallet about a day and half ago and it is still showing as pending on the blockchain.

How long is this supposed to take?

You can check BTC blockchain average block time

I checked so it seems that something is wrong? I’ve been waiting 2 days and I have no idea what the issue could be. You can see the transaction below. It shows up multiple times cause i tried several times.

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This is my issue with being on the Bitcoin blockchain. It can take a very long time for a transaction go through. Right now there’s 200k transactions pending. That is insane.

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So do you think this long transaction time (2 days +) is normal right now or is there an issue with my wallet or some other issue? I assume that since it shows up on the blockchain as unconfirmed that the wallet is fine and it is simply due to the back log like csafex stated. I just want to be certain so I don’t start to panic :slight_smile: Im fairly new to all this.

Supposed to take several minutes!
Right dandabek?
Unfortunately for safex holders trying to move coins out of Dan Dabek’s Wallet this is not the case.
you will hear many excuses on this forum but all are nothing more than diversion.
this wallet is garbage. the BTC fee is a horrible business structure! if Safex coins arent good enough to pay for the fees the SOMETHING IS WRONG!
fix it fast DAN DABEK

Ive been waiting for DAYS and DAYS and DAYS!

Its really bad when things don’t work the way we want or the way it should work. You have been waiting too many days (at least 3 but probably more by the sounds of it)

I’ll see if I can explain things and hopefully help you find a course of action from here

Topic is moving into Bittrex. If you are doing this then bittrex has a two step deposit mechanism. The 1st stage is the coin going into the address bittrex gives you. The second step is where bittrex move the coins from that address into their main wallet. The second stage is the progress they show on your wallet page on bittrex. Both stages are governed by btc blockchain delays

Additionally bittrex was doing wallet maintenance so no deposits were being shown for a couple of days.

If you were sending the coins to elsewhere then you are subject to BTC blockchain delays and depending on the BTC fee included will depend on how long. 10 minutes is the fastest a transaction can occur and 30 minutes is typical when the btc blockchain is not clogged up. But in the last week there have been delays.

But >3 days is too long

Maybe maybe not. It is still in development and we can expect issues.

That is not Dan’s decision. It is the way the current safex coin works. WHY? because it is an omni-protocol token and the omni-protocol requires the BTC fee. This is going to be eliminated when the coin is moved onto the blockchain Dan is developing

So its only in the short term we have to live with this ball and chain on safex coin

Your transaction would have been cancelled by the btc blockchain if its been more than 3 days. So it should be back in your wallet if its been that long.

People need to stop freaking out and sit back and hold as this new roll out is right around the corner. Let Dan and the team concentrate on getting all in order, instead of taking up valuable time spending it elsewhere. Hoping we the team can under promise and over deliver!

It took 48 hours for me to move Bitcoin from my Aussie exchange to Bittrex this week.
Out of interest I did a test today it took 10 mins to move some Safex to Bittrex.

Nothing wrong with the Safex Wallet.

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so why is it that so many people have the same issue as me? Pending transaction for the 4th day?
enlighten us all please

it might be because of the bitcoin volume i have never sent safex from my wallet i am holding long, let me know how it goes .

explain this then buddy…

SAFEX: 0 (PENDING -37206)BITCOIN: 0.00022821 (PENDING -0.00036599)

why do you comment on things you admittedly have NEVER DONE?

I could care less what you do with your coins guy.
ive been holding this for 5 months son

what team?

please explain this then bud…

SAFEX: 0 (PENDING -37206)BITCOIN: 0.00022821 (PENDING -0.00036599)

The comment was regarding the bittrex lag and others having problems with it, I was just being clear I have not done it yet.

try it…i dare you

i dont want it in this junk wallet!!!


Import your private keys into wallet and do as you please wallet can do all you need with safex and is what I use at the moment. I only tried to help with more information, not to give excuses. So don’t give me your crap mate. I am actually waiting for the new blockchain before I use the wallet so I have nothing to defend here. Alsolutely no reason to spin BS, I just tried to help you and you act like an asrehole

omniwallet does no one any good if they cat get their coins OUT of this wallet.

why can no one understand this?