How to sell (or buy) Safex

Hi All,

I live in The Netherlands and I would like to know how to sell (or buy) Safex Tokens (SFT).

There is no reliable exchange available and the TWM wallet does not support this yet.

Who can help me?

Thanks very much!

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Exchanges are listed in the Support FAQ (Support FAQ - Please Read THIS before Posting a Question)
Most trading currently occurs on Xcalibra.


Of course I read the FAQ and I have also checked the Xcalibra exchange. But, as stated in my post, Xcalibra doesn’t feel to be legit and reliable exchange.

I have a large bag of safex since january 2018 and I don’t want to be scammed with this.

Are there any other options?

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Xcalibra was founded by Dan. It is absolutely legit, and as per Dan’s tweet from earlier today, is about to expand with some new coin pairings…


ok… but how can I move SFT/SFX from the wallet to the exchange? As far as I see there is no send option available yet

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Hey @ties Welcome to the group!

Sending SFT/SFX from TWM wallet to xcalibra is very simple.

If you want to send SFX copy/paste your SFX wallet address from xcalibra into the send SFX tab on your TWM wallet- Enter amount, select desired mixin amount, and send.

To send SFT you’ll have to click onto the TOKENS tab. From here you can copy/paste your SFT wallet address from xcalibra and send the same way.

BE SURE to send SFT ONLY to SFT wallet address on xcalibra, and SFX ONLY to your SFX wallet address on xcalibra. You can send either SFX/SFT back to your TMW wallet address, but xcalibra has two separate receiving addresses for each asset! Be sure to remember this step. Hope this helps! :call_me_hand:


Thanks! I see it works. Just did some transfers and trades to test.

Prices are insanely low here, 7 sats are you serious?!


Nobody really knows about the project. All the attention is focused squarely on Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts and DeFi.

Safex fulfills an entirely different usecase that people don’t know that they need, decentralized ecommerce with privacy!

A functioning marketplace for all to use, with the release of the TWM wallet version 2, and a mobile TWM, should evoke interest and enthusiasm for those who desire low transaction fees and a share in profits from market activity. With a good marketing strategy word should get around quickly.


I understand… But (and I am playing a little bit a devils advocate here, please dont shoot me)

Why doesn’t anyone know? I made my first purchases in beginning of 2018. We are now 3.5 years ahead and we still have nothing but a light version of the marketplace now.

If funds are the blocking factor, why wasnt there a large ICO/crowdfunding event or better marketing to let people know.

Of course, it may be all developed from scratch and that is not my cup of tea. But in terms of development, this is taking way too much time.

In the beginning i believed in the project and actually i still do. But… There are many more alternatives now. What would be the value added versus lets say Amazon or Ebay? They are developing and expanding too. But they have way more funds to spent. So if they believed people need a decentralized marketplace, why didn’t they build it already then?

Not to piss someone off, but this might lead to a good discussion. Maybe we need to start a separate thread for this. I am curious about what others have to say.


The July 12, 2021 update did announce fundraising for twminc, a new company roll-out:

Up until now, this was a bootstrapped project with only $50,000 raised from the initial launch in 2015. Finding and procuring a solid core of developers was also challenging as much of the development proceeded from scratch. Yet, there are now the Safex Blockchain, miner, CLI and TWM wallets and marketplace. Dan’s idea was to hold off marketing until delivery of the final product. But, that also requires extensive testing to make sure they get it right!

There will always be alternatives. Some may or may not be better for an individual’s particular needs, but the hope is that SafeX will have it’s share of adopters and thrive alongside all of them.

You can also follow along with the latest tweets from @dandabek from his Twitter profile:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author


I think Dan had to get the ball rolling being as low key as possible. Turning heads while Safex was being built only added to the risk. Amazon and EBay are company’s. They could fail at any time, leaving merchants with zero customers. Building a decentralized marketplace, as we’ve seen, isn’t that easy. You need community, trust, fair distribution, grit, devotion. There is nothing like Safex


@ties look at history, going back to antiquity, nothing new is openly accepted. There has to be a revolution or invasion to make a change. The simple answer to your question,

[quote=“ties, post:9, topic:7944”]
So if they believed people need a decentralized marketplace, why didn’t they build it already then?
[/quote] ,
is they didn’t need to, they are making tons of money with the current system which they are hanging on to. Big business doesn’t care what we need, it’s about profit. Massive profit.
Time is a matter of perspective too.
3.5 years is not lot a lot of time in comparison to what is being accomplished technologically. (Beyond my grasp)!
Hang in there ties 2018 technology is almost obsolete, you got to stay out in front of it. I t takes time.
This is just my opinion, I’m open for criticism.


Very good point !!


Also keep in mind that Dan is, and always has been, motivated more by what this technology brings:

Dan really believes that the world needs this technology and that Safex can bring it to them! He isn’t singularly motivated by being the next Amazon killer and keeping all the money for himself, he’s literally focused on how this technology and every piece of this project, the Safex ecosystem, can benefit the lives of people everywhere.


I agree wholeheartedly. The benefits returned to the staked token holder is revolutionary alone, I’m not aware of another system like this. Then add all the other new implementations of technology to include underserviced regions of the planet. It is a vivid example of evolution for the better.


I’ll just put these two here


World, get ready for Safex and The World Marketplace!


starting to deliver, it sucks that there is only 1 exchange where we can buy and sell. If you do this large, the price will shoot up or down (last week’s price peak +9000%) Do something about this!! and make sure we can trade in usd!!