lost transaction

Hi, i sent a transaction from 1 wallet to another and it has not gone through. Please help

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Are you using Orbiter wallet?

If so, please read the Support FAQ relating to Orbiter…

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I am on orbiter wallet 2.0.0…so how do i open cli on mac…?

I’m not Mac friendly… pinging @cryptooli for the assist :pray:


Thanks Aussiesloth!


he will be on europe time so i will have to wait i guess…


You open the Mac terminal and run the following commands:

wget https://github.com/safex/safexcore/releases/download/7.0.1/safex-wallet-cli-osx-7.0.1
→ download of the wallet software

If this command does not work, you have to run the following command in terminal beforehand:

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)”

chmod +x safex-wallet-cli-osx-7.0.1
→ makes it executable

./safex-wallet-cli-osx-7.0.1 --restore-deterministic-wallet --daemon-address node5.safex.ninja:17402
→ starts the wallet software, connects it to a node, and lets you import a seed phrase

Then you pick a name and password + repeat password for the new wallet. Afterwards, you type in the 25 word seed phrase. Then, you scan the blockchain from zero (type 0 and enter, or only enter when asked to rescan). Then your wallet will finally open. Then, your balance will already show up or you can call the balance any time with the command “balance”.

for reference, see “Command Line Wallet (CLI)” answer in this thread: How can I recover a wallet using the mnemonic seed? - Monero Stack Exchange

Note 1: your transaction has likely gone though, just not displayed by the wallet. If you have the transaction hash saved, look it up in the block explorer here: https://explore.safex.org/. If it shows up with confirmations, it is good.

Note 2: the new marketplace wallet should be out very soon, which you can then can also use for confirmation.


Thank you Cryptooli for your time and help on this. you are a gentleman!