Migration help lost safex?

Hi guys, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong here. I tried migrating 10 safex on 2 different occasions a few weeks ago and they are not popping up on the migration table. Any help will be great.
Address with Safex in it is: 14JemK6NRWUsys6RMup1pkQGSaVCpcobf7

You rushed the process and failed to set the second half correctly.

You need to reset and do the migration process again, but be patient and wait for the Step 3 txn to confirm on the Blockchain before you trigger step 4. If you don’t understand what I mean, then leave AT LEAST a 1 hour gap.

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More info here.


thank you so much for replying with your help. I will do as you say and let you know what happens.

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Hi Can you please help me.last night I have sent my token from orbiter wallet to my livecoin safex token address all at once.it still has not arrived.what I need to do now…

Hi ,why safex cash and safex token rate are not changed in livecoin,while other exchange has their value gone up.are they reliable exchange.my brother wants to buy some safex from exchange.can you please let me know which exchange is best to buy safex token.

Imo all of Xcalibra, Coindeal, Livecoin are fine to use (I’ve bought SFT and SFX on all three). However, most recent volume has been on Xcalibra, from my observation.

Today I have noticed safex cash price went up in coindeal but not on livecoin.in live coin it was still same as before.that made me confuse.i assume livecoin don’t work properly on weekends.lets see on weekdays.

The exchanges are NOT connected. People are free to place buy and sell offers on different exchanges. A price movement on one exchange doesn’t mean the other exchange prices will follow suit.

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But some traders will take the opportunity to arbitrage the price differences on different exchanges, which will mean the prices won’t get too far apart.

Sounds like you need to educate yourself on just how exchanges and prices work. :man_shrugging:

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Prices on coinmarketcap or other metric websites are always an average of all exchange prices. Generally, the more trading volume a coin has the more similar are the different exchange prices for the same trading pair (because of arbitrage trading, etc.). Safex Token and Cash have pretty low daily trading volumes. Therefore, it is normal business that exchange prices can differ strongly from day to day and exchange to exchange.

I am gonna buy more more safex token while exchanges are showing low rate and send it to the safex wallet.

Even today samething happened,price is so high in coinmarket and wallet.but its too less value of safex token in livecoin exchange.its alright if there is some differences but this time it’s huge differences.can we plz let livecoin team know.we want fair work guys.

Its big price difference between exchange and the wallet.

You just don’t seem to get it… Livecoin have ZERO control of the price. Buy and sell prices are what traders have made, not the exchange itself.

If you aren’t happy with the price difference on one particular exchange, then simply don’t use that exchange.

Simple :man_shrugging: