Migration of old coins

Since I missed the migration window are my Safex coins that start with a number worthless now?

I was told if the coins were in the wallet then I was ok and they were. Now your telling me that’s not the case and I needed to migrate?

If you had done even the slightest of reading about the project, the original coins were always only placeholder tokens, and you needed to keep abreast of project development. There was always going to be a migration.

Your failure to follow the project is your fault entirely.

does this apply to coins stuck in an orbiter wallet?

Coins can’t be stuck in orbiter - they are on the blockchain, not actually in the software wallet. If you’ve got your wallet address restored in orbiter, then you just use your seed/keys and restore into TWM.

yeah recovered with phrase and tried keys also, hard rescanned blockchain and nothing :frowning:

If you saw the coins in orbiter, then they’re there, and it’ll just be a matter of you not being patient and letting the wallet sync.

turns out im retarded lol, thanks for the help, good to go

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