Need help with wallet 2.0.0. Windows 10

  1. Wallet does not show US$ it says “Loading…”
  2. I can not send Safex Cash, it says: “There is not enough SFX or outputs available to fulfil this transaction + fee. Please consider reducing the size of the transaction.”
  3. The blockheight does not update, its stuck on 605701

If this issue has been discussed and fixed, instead of posting that it has, just put a link., man. Really? is that to much trouble? To write, “guys the fix is here”, or “guys go here”…

So it’s okay for you to be lazy and not search the previous posts, and you think my time is less important?

I’d have to go search for it to share it with you.

I have a problem with my wallet, it loads all the time, please help.

Does the Support FAQ help - Point 3.