Need help

I have 5322 safex that i kept in a safex v0.0.5 wallet, today i tried to upgrade to v8, i see my 5322 safex in the new wallet and i sent 10.84 bitcoin to try migrate it. it shows 0.00028288 in bit coin but only values it at 2.45. what am i doing wrong or need to do?

Sad news for you. You needed to keep up with project development, as those coins were always only placeholder coins for migration to Mainnet, when launched…

why can i still see it at current value here then? Capture1

I’d guess that is simply relic price data from when the old coin last traded, back in mid 2019.

OK, thanks for your time. no use kicking a dead horse, right?

Mainnet with marketplace and staking launched in December. The GUI wallet, which will allow mainstream use will be launching any day now.

You may want to check the price of SFT on Xcalibra and consider your reentry options.

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Well if I cannot recover the value out of the safex I have then I don’t want to invest anything more in them.

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Ernie, buying 5322 on XCalibra would cost about 40 USD. If SFT goes to $1, which in my opinion is quite possible, your $40 investment would be worth over $5,000. Buying SFT is a very attractive asymmetric investment opportunity, but you have to do what’s best for yourself. I’m all in on Safex. Good luck to you.