Old Safex coins

I own 49900 SFX coins that I wish to transfer to my wallet with Xcalibra
Each time I try to carry out the transaction I get an error code saying that the destination address is invalid.
I was advised by Xcalibra that my Safex wallet should have been updated back in 2019 and I should be migrated my coins to the new blockchain. I haven’t received anything from Safex back in 2019 to carry out the migration and I am part of any forum do I wouldn’t have known.
Is there anyway I can still migrate the coins to the new blockchain and open up and new wallet please
Your assistance is appreciated to complete this transaction please

Thx Aissiesloth for the reply
I realise that I stuffed up and didn’t migrate the coins in time - is there anything that can be done to recover the coins or is it too late

If your Safex (Safe Exchange Coin) address starts with a number, that means the address is on the bitcoin blockchain and is now unable to migrate. All new Safex addresses start with the prefix “safex”.

Sorry, but if you missed the migration window, then definitely too late.