Recover and transfer my tokens

please help me to recover and transfer my safex tokens to exchange. I bought since ICO, i have the private key. I download the new wallet but it does not work. Please help me.

Have you tried this;

There is now 2 tabs, one for home and one for archive, if you don’t see your balance, send that key (to archive) and then bring it back (to home) and it should show your balance.

Don’t just clic the tabs !
You need to move the key from one tab to the other with the button that is inside that key.

i want to transfer my safex to exchanges using the private key. i try to download wallet it asks me password to log in, i do not have wallet pw, i have only private key. i bought my safex since ICO time. Please help me to transfer my tokens. thanks

thank you. i can log in now

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