Recover password or keys

I sent my SAFEX from, as they no longer traded SAFEX on their exchange. They helped me to set up a Safex account which i did just a couple days ago. I was logged in and cant find where or if i saved my password. So I could not log back in.

The two screenshots attached show al the info i could find on my compiuter related to Safex, there is one file included which is called safexwallet.keys but i cant read anything in it in a text file and i dont know how to open it or even if my keys are in there.

I need to obviously recover my wallet, can someone please advise me how. Thanks!!

Are you referring to the Orbiter v2 wallet?

There were no screenshots attached to your post.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 7.46.34 pm

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 7.58.10 pm

yes i believe it is the Orbiter wallet, yes! Thats what they directed me to do and thats what i did. However the app is called safexcashwallet once installed. Please see third screenshot, attached here.


Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 11.06.29 pm

Ok. Well, the bad news is that there’s no way to recover the password to the wallet, if you’ve forgotten it.

Did you save Backup copies of your safex address, private keys and mnemonic seed after you first created your new address (as is standard crypto wallet practice)?

I didn’t but i was logged in and thought i had time to do that! However, they automatically logged me out!

Plus when setting it up, i did not notice any key provided to me. It just set it up and put my Safex in the new wallet.

“They” logged you out? You let a third party create your wallet?

When logged in, you go into settings and there are options to view/export keys and seeds, etc.

All you can do is try various permutations of what password you thought you used…

Eg. Was caps lock on, meaning all letters are upper/lowercase inverted?

I appreciate your help but i guess it’s over for me. What a shame unlike other wallets this one made no mention or warning to do the normal wallet stuff as in saving your password and key before letting u sign up and enter. The others i’ve used all mske a massive point of it. Anyway that’s life. So what happens now, Safex reclaim my tokens for themselves?

They remaining in your wallet address forever, if you don’t figure out the password to re-access the wallet.

Nobody else has access to them.

So you can keep trying passwords to open the wallet. :man_shrugging:

Had you come into the forum before you went through the process, we could’ve pointed you towards all sorts of helpful info to setup the wallet address and take appropriate backup measures.

I feel bit let down by the unprofessionalism of the Orbiter wallet, at the same time, it is of course my fault. There is no use blaming others in life. My Safex were safe in my coinspot account, but i guess coinspot removed Safex for a reason. What was the actual reason, do you know?

Afaik, Coinspot were only brokers (not an actual exchange) and used other exchanges around the world… Safex was listed on Bittrex until they delisted it in late 2017 as part of about 100 coins they bulk delisted (out of misplaced fear of SEC regulations, I believe), which is when Coinspot could no longer support the coin as the exchange they paired with no longer supported it.

Thats interesting. Coinspot call themselves the most widely used crypto exchange in Australia.

I’m referring to 2017 when they delisted Safex. Pretty sure back then, they were only broking via third party exchanges.

When you looked at the coin movements it was obvious from the known owners of various crypto addresses that they were somehow associating their trades with Bittrex.

I’m not sure of their current position.

Ok, thanks a lot for your time and help. I guess losing 150 SAFEX is not the end of the world. Though you may advise differently :slight_smile:

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150 SFT is less than AU$1 at current prices… so you really only lost a dollar coin down the gutter… it’s still there, but you just can’t reach it :sweat_smile:

If you’ve taken the time to check the weekly dates, you’ll know things are close to launching.

You may want to consider creating a new wallet, doing the appropriate backups of address/keys/seed, and then grabbing a new bag :smiley::man_shrugging:

Its’ not about the money obviously. But i like to learn about various coins and since Coinspot chucked it out, it sparked my interest, that’s all. I am certainly not concerned about a dollar lol. Ive got other wallets, but coinspot sent it to this oracle wallet, tho it would have been better to send to my own wallets. Anyway haha. I assume you are part of Safex, so maybe u can send me one last reply with a link that might convince me to invest a lot more than a dollar :slight_smile: