Safe Exchange Dev Update March 19, 2016

Starting this Saturday, and on a Bi-weekly basis I will type up a dev update. This is the first one.

Closing the Crowd-sale
Concluding our crowd-sale on January 5th 2016, much has been accomplished. Firstly, all coins have been delivered to each recipient on time of February 5th as planned. The following 10 days was committed towards listing the coin on an established exchange, to float the coin also to gain awareness about the project.

Safe Exchange Protocol
Currently, the github of safex is shaping up with the addition of a coder from Moscow, Gava Ariton. A voting application for SEC holders will emerge in the coming week. Gava and I are on a marathon to complete Safe Exchange and have it integrated with the User Interface asap, with a target to at least have the library exposing the cryptographic methods before March is over.

User Interface
Monday will be an onboarding of a UI developer to begin the production of the Safe Exchange interfaces. This should establish a rapid completion of a fully usable application where the backend is built in tandem with the UI. Even though it is likely that the backend will be completed in advance of the UI, we know at least what each element will need to receive on the UI.

We’ll complete “User Interfaces” with at least 3 UIs - 1 exchange (poloniex like) 1 marketplace (ebay like) 1 media store (itunes like)

Of course we will innovate where we can, and hire additional designers and developers if progress is deemed too slow for 1 person with the UIs.

As usual I will be on the forum, and give these formal updates twice per month regardless of any updates in between.

relevant links:
forum -
github -
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Really appreciate the update Daniel! Big things in the works.

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Excellent, cheers @ddabek . Thank you for the update as well as letting us know that there will be future ones bi-weekly. I think the more information we see being added about the project the better, as this will encourage new investors as well as give some information to other exchanges when deciding to list SEC.

I am really looking forward to testing out the Safe Exchange when it is ready, especially the ebay styled one as I have a friend that would be very interested in how that works. If you need any help testing out the exchange as and when it gets near to a workable state, please just let people know. I am not a coder, but I am more than happy to test things out for you.

Will there be a mock-up demo of what you envision the exchange to look like initially, or the GUI?

Also, welcome Gava.


Thanks for the update man.

Dan, i’m very curious about the “iTunes” piece. You can see videos in netflix Style, like in an movie torrent streaming, or just download them?

Think about it. You can have payperview, monthly payments for renting movies. I’m having dificulties in picturing this…what will be the catch in using safex instead of other common services? The directly use of bitcoin or other crypto to get media?

But, why not use piratebay instead? Sorry, so many questions…

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Maybe they are thinking of doing something similar to Aurovine which allows artists to sell their music to people who like their stuff. Aurovine uses (or will shortly) the ADC (AudioCoin) token as a currency.

I like the idea though of having a place on the exchange where people can upload video, AKA YouTube style. I would like that side as I have a site where I write a lot of Windows-based tutorials for people helping them to do various different things on their computers. I do also have some video tutorials as well, so this would be great for me.


You’re welcome for sure.

I have drafts as pencil drawings in my notebook that are being conveyed during next week, starting Monday. Having taken interviews last week from a number of candidates. I am eager to see the great work by our current candidate.

Cheers @TheGift73, When it is said and done, testing is a #1 priority at that time

You can list your songs for sale, store them on the safe network and sell them for safecoin or any other alt coin parsed by safex protocol. Since it is instantaneous, and holding no fee like with Safecoin, then I see this is the most viable way to purchase media, such as movies and music.

Currently to sell things online, there is a case that if something costs less than $9, we are reluctant to spend with our credit card online. So the barrier to entry online is $9. So this means that to sell an album for a musician for instance it only makes sense to charge $9. THis is prohibitively expensive. FOr instance if there is the ability to accept $0.30 per album full length music album. And instead of pirating the content, people can more readily gain that content through paying for it. Since the hash of that content would be known to belong to someone, any new purchases could have a different hash and require a different position as the source.

Then this makes music in this case more accessible to more people and immediately. There is a case that some artists may be interested in this model, and attempt this method. Also, content can be listed for free. At this initial iteration it will be just listing media, sorting through listings, and a contract between the content and Safecoin, or safex alt coins.

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I`m failing in seeing what is the advantage.

You and artists still have youtube to show your videos. In youtube thats for free, why should someone pay for that, instead?

I can think of paid content just for too specific videos, like professor ship classes or company training tutorials or things like that.

You are right! Nobody likes to give away a creditcard number and fill forms, that sucks.


When you post your videos on YouTube, they are in complete control on whether or not those videos are allowed to be on YouTube or not. If they don’t like the video, or get a DMCA Take Down for that video as there may be a track playing in the background, or has a character present in the shot that some company (like BREIN or MPAA) thinks is grounds for your video to be removed, then it will be. You have no control over any videos that are hosted on YouTube. If a similar type of version of YT were to be released on either the Safe Exchange or as a separate app on the Safe Network, then you will have complete control over what you post.

I can see artists would prefer this type of model to upload their videos/ music to and get paid for it this way, rather that the Clear net way, as any monies they may make are easily tracked, and if they use Youtube, then everything they do or earn is also tracked. Some people just want more privacy, and this could well deliver on that.

Yes, this may well be abused by people uploading obviously copyright protected content, like films and or TV Shows (GoT) which is something that will have to be looked in to later.


Thganx for the great update Daniel , things certainly moving along fast!!! Posted it onto BCT thread.


Daniel, sorry if it is a really dumb question, but,
would it be possible to have and android app of safex?
is it possible to have interconectivity with internet and safenetwork?

All that you stated are marginal enhancements, from my third world way of seeing things, off course. IMO, Dan’s explanation about using pennies for media, not creditcards, is a better tractor to safex.

But, you’ve mentioned tv shows… man, some ugly shit could come up with all this uncensorship. As someone mentioned earlier about “cherries”, the responsability of piracy and these ugly stuff media should be solely of buyers and sellers.

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Yes for sure, we will explore an Android and iOS application as well.
It will be in the future that’s for sure.
Electron does not build to android or ios at this time.

I agree and also think that more content will be available that is currently censored especially scientific research.

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Great! Thank you, Daniel! FYI: about Android and Electron - a possible solution including Ionic (a splendid framework for hybrid apps).

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Just out of interest, what scientific research is censored and by whom? Do you mean on Youtube?

Well, i can think of 3d printer files, for example.

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Not sure I follow you… 3D printer files are “scientific research” that are censored? I don’t know what you mean, sorry. :slight_smile:
Do you just mean copyrighted material is removed?

Ok, let’s get wild then…

  • let’s say a video contains relevant infos about a revolutionary chemical process for anything: a cheap bomb, a chep fuel, …;

  • a 3d printer file can also do that;

  • let say a video comes with incovenient data contradicts a “common truth”, like global warming.

Now just follow your imagination from this lol

OK, it’s what I thought really.
Bomb making videos are removed from Youtube…stifling scientific research…i see.
The video contradicting the vast swathes of actual scientific research into Climate change is also removed you say? Firstly the Internet is full of all that Corporate Oil business sponsored FUD, along with all the other vaccine conspiracy theories and quack “alternative medicines” that people gullibly swallow.
This is the “scientific research” is it? :smile:

Come on, man, help me out lol

Just think about Edward Snowden, then change the subject (politic stuff out, science things in).