Safex Cash wallet - Orbitor Version 2.0.0

My Safex Cash Wallet Orbiter Version 2.0.0 always showing “Loading…”. I had transferred 2744 SFT tokens to my safecash wallet address from Xcalibra. The transaction was successful and Trx Id is : W_PTJ3CY. But still why safex cash wallet - Orbitor showing “Loading”. Uploaded the image for your ref.

Explanation is there, and the thread of comments that follows. If you follow the discussions on the Forum, you’ll stay updated about these things.

Nice. Thanks for your response Sir. Following few of my Questions. Please clarify.

  1. Is there a Wallet?/Way? available to manage my SafeX Cash/Token safely?
    Because I already Lost huge in LiveCoin. So I strongly believe my personal wallet is the best way to keep my SFX/SFT funds. But Orbiter wallet is not syncing as you explained.
  2. Is it possible to recover/widthdraw my SFT/SFX from OrbitorV0.0.2. In OrbiterV0.0.2 I had deposited almost 20K SFT. Is it possible to recover?
  3. Can I use TWM Wallet v0.0.9 Stagenet 2 ?
  4. TWM V0.0.9 Stagenet 2 never open up my existing wallet using wallet & .Keys file created by safexCashV0.0.9? I Had waited almost 2 hours but still UI busy Spinning
  5. My Million Doller Question how to manage/deposit/width draw my SFT/SFX using personal wallet…


  1. Anything you send to your personal Safex address will be there. This happens on the blockchain level. A crypto wallet is simply an interface to view an amalgam of all txs, the resulting net balance of the txs, and to create send txs. Orbiter not syncing doesn’t affect your actual balance on your wallet address.
  2. The coins are NOT physically in the Orbiter wallet. You can restore your keys/seed for your address into another wallet and your coins will “appear”. All it is doing is reviewing all txs on the blockchain relating to your address and giving you a display of that information. If you’ve followed proper backup procedures, then simply restore your address and you’ll see your coins.
  3. No! That is a stagenet wallet, not a Mainnet wallet.
  4. It will spin forever… you cannot open a Mainnet address in the stagenet wallet.
  5. Right at this time, the cli wallet is working perfectly. Orbiter will show balance only for txs that occurred before the v7 hardfork. It will not update balances subsequent to that block (but they will be on your address, for example, if you sent them to that address from an exchange).
    You can send coins that were there before the v7 hardfork, but after the first such send tx after the hardfork, you may encounter a double spend error if you try to make more send txs, simply because the Orbiter wallet is unable to update its outputs from the bc.
    If you don’t have the technical capacity to use the cli wallet, then you will have to wait for the MAINNET release of the GUI twmwallet, which is expected in the coming days. Then you simply restore your keys/seed for your address into the new GUI wallet, and your coins will display.
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Perfect and Nice Explanation. I really appreciate your technical explanation.
My key take is “Address, Seed Pharse, Private Keys & Actual SFX & SFT coins” are sits in Safex Blockchain Main network. Its nothing to do with wallets.
I will have a look on the CLIs.
It will be really helpful if you could provide support on Ledger hardware wallet. Do we have any roadmap?
I had gone through in safe forum about Ledger Support. But Nothing found useful.

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I’m not aware of any roadmap pertaining to ledger support.