Safex Dev Update: April 5, 2021

TWM Wallet
Last week we published the prerelease of the TWM Wallet for Windows and Mac, since then and now more than 100m Safex Token were added to the staking pool

Here is a concise message from me (Daniel Dabek) about the latest development:

You can track real time stats of the Safex Blockchain at

Also, you’ll notice on your wallet if you have already staked that some Safex Cash have accrued from two test items that were listed and sold on mainnet.

This is a screenshot from a wallet that has staked Safex Tokens and accrued Safex Cash revenue from the marketplace on mainnet.

Up ahead: we are in the process of getting some the initial items listed for sale, and also preparing documentation for new merchants to be able to apply and start selling through the world marketplace channel.

The iterative approach is conducive to scale considerably and reliably. This is the way to tack on new participants step by step and be able to remain agile to address any issues that can arise. Remember that this is brand new software and a new system of doing things, and we will learn things that will help us improve and scale ever stronger.

Check out the TWM Wallet for yourself for Windows and Mac:

Also, feel free to join the discussion and report any issues or improvements you might see for the each platform.

For Windows reporting:

Windows TWM: Reporting issues

For Mac reporting:

Mac TWM: Reporting issues

Since we are taking this step by step approach, community members will most quickly get up to speed as merchants, and we can use this strategy to demonstrate to other merchants how this works to provide the most successful experience that we can. We anticipate that this would stimulate further uptake and adoption. We also believe that bringing merchants with unique items would entice new buyers to join our network so this phase is very important to have correct.

The team is very excited for this release and the progress of our development. We are so grateful to all of you who have helped make this happen in every way, especially the abundance of positive energy that inspires us all to introduce this amazing technology to the world.

Remember to keep mining, and look forward to the excitement compounding in the Safex world.

The Safex Development Community


Adding this walkthrough link here, to assist those just catching up with progress. Follow the steps, don’t skip any, be patient and there’s a very high likelihood of things going smoothly for you.


onboarding of merchants is going to be exciting!


Thank you for the positive update and your video message!


If i can stake and you can stake, everybody can stake . Go SAFEX !!!


Excellent, good job


Great work, we’re having fun now!

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