Safex Dev Update: August 24, 2020

TWM Wallet | Windows
Last week we wrapped up the build for the Windows platform and released the TWM Wallet. It is available to download here:

We have started up a thread for handling any feedback or bug reports related to the wallet and so far we are getting some good feedback from many of our community members. This is great since we now have a clear place to execute fixes from.

Stagenet 1: Windows GUI

There is also a quick start guide here by @aussiesloth:

Stagenet 1: Windows GUI - Getting Started

You can track the progress of the stagenet 1 marketplace here:
Since the release of the TWM Wallet for Windows last week you can see the transactions surging now.

Also, the OSX issue is next at the top of priorities to work out.

This week we expect to begin integration of the messaging and product listing via API into the TWM Wallet. This will set off the final testing phase ahead of mainnet.

Safexcore | Documentation
Igor has continued with the documentation and he expects that by next week’s update to have all of the advanced transactions that we designed and built to be covered by documentation.

The purpose of this is to be able to communicate the work that has been done to other developers quickly with the hope to onboard more members to the development team for our future development ambitions.

The Safex Development Community


Wasn’t the Win wallet release on last week’s update already?
Igor must have been on holiday again.


No the release in last week’s update had a broken version.

This is the recap from last week. Igor is not on vacation. We are in the wrap up phase, we are not introducing new features so the todo list is slimming down.


Keep up good work . I am curious is there a reason why API code is going like big bang code wise since there is no code yet available on safex github account. Asking this because here are also technical people who can basically do some kind of audit/code review as well. Also, implemented endpoints could be already tested and not waiting for everything to be finished.

All the best


It is in a developer condition, so to release it, I must clean the code up.

Also, underwent a lot of big changes throughout the weeks that passed.


keep it rolling!!


We’re having fun and testing the wallet!
Keep working on it, it’s great so far ! :muscle:


Great to see euphoria is coming back to safex community.


Thanks team, hang in there! You’re all doing a great job, history is being made


Good job, thanks