Safex Dev Update: September 28, 2020

Stagenet 2
During this past week we’ve deployed Stagenet 2, the final proving ground ahead of the mainnet launch.

You can download the binaries to run a full node for windows, mac osx, ubuntu linux here:

Be sure to use the --stagenet flag when starting up.

TWM Wallet
Today we put together the windows release and that completes a working release for the majority of platforms.

If you need Stagenet Tokens and Cash please reply to this post, or reply on twitter

You can find the downloads to windows, mac osx, and linux to the twm wallet here:

Next Up
Now that we have successfully transitioned to Stagenet 2 we will be able to plan launch initiatives.

While we will continue to monitor the Stagenet 2 outcomes, we expect no new bugs to emerge.

Things to expect:
Updated Safex Website
Mainnet Launch Date
Safex Marketplace Whitepaper
Technical Documentation Published for Developers
TWM Wallet v1

Thank you for your being to participate and witness. :sunrise:

The Safex Development Community


I’m testing it on Win RN


another great update, we really appreciate your hard work and we will prove it once TWM is launched. Love the panda . Safex will bring the light to many people who was affected by this crisis., now anyone will be able to sell their products and services everywhere with no limits and restrictions.
Things to expect: Safex Moon.


Excellent, thanks


Awesome, thanks everyone, testing community and all, I just don’t have the knowledge to participate, but I’m very thankful.


Now IS the time for your participation. The TWM wallet being developed and currently used on stagenet is the very same interface you’ll use to access the live marketplace on Mainnet, when live.

Give it a try. Feel free to ask Qs.


I think I’ve shared this before, but it seems to be an ongoing question by ppl, so bears repeating…

For the benefit of everyone who will be staking tokens (Or making any tx, really) for the first time in stagenet…

Safex uses the cryptonote system of outputs
When coins get moved, think of it like paper notes in your fiat wallet. If you receive your SFT in a single 100k tx, then you will have one 100k SFT note in your wallet.

When you stake your SFT, even if you only stake 10k, the smallest note you have is the 100k output.

So your entire 100k stack goes into the tx that gets sent to the blockchain for processing.

If you check your balance after you send the tx, but before it gets processed, your SFT will show a zero balance. That is normal. That is because you just handed over your 100k SFT note to the cashier (the blockchain) and you are now waiting for the tx to get processed, and for you to get your change back from “the cashier”.

Once the 10k SFT tx processes, a 90k output will be returned to your wallet, and 10k will appear in the staked balance.

The same applies to your SFX balance, even if just to cover the tx fees.

This is how it should work, so please, nobody freak out that their money is momentarily ‘gone’ :pray:


Interesting. I wondered why it took so much out and resent it back to you.


I’ll look into making time, my career takes up all my brain power. I will make a greater effort though, I have to do it eventually, thanks for the motivation sloth.


The panda loves you :heart: