Safex Development Update December 13, 2017

Dear Community,

Upcoming Rolling Releases
From Next week we we will be putting up an major overhaul of the site; alongside this will be the launch of the whitepaper. Later in the week we will begin to beta test the first mover program for the marketing teams, and a plan to fully launch that system just before new year/around then.

Following this will be the alpha library to the initial implementation to the alpha stage of safex blockchain. This is just for development purposes and we do not expect any value transfer at this stage.

Additionally, the Safex Wallet is undergoing development and will have many necessary optimizations and UI improvements coming up. Super grateful to a strong ally who is helping offload these tasks.

Safex Markets and Partnership Announcement
Safex is now cooperating with a new startup that is developing paid voice conferencing. During the beta phase of development we plan to integrate with the safex blockchain to offer cryptocurrency paid services. These are precisely the kind of partnerships needed to proliferate cryptocommerce to a worldwide subscription. And the ramifications of such a crypto connected globe.

In a recent wave of delistings on Bittrex exchange, safex is the latest to be delist from its exchange. Bittrex has not responded with their reasoning. This is just one exchange business in the cryptocurrency space, and therefore, their policies are not the same like all other cryptocurrency exchanges.

As mentioned in past weeks, we are already having open dialogues with other exchanges to increase available avenues for acquiring safex tokens.

Nonetheless, within 24 hours 1000 addresses were formed, exodus from the exchange. If anyone remembers the days of mt gox when an exchange was hacked for 500,000 bitcoins it made sense to everyone suddenly to keep their coins on their own wallets and private keys. That’s the simplest and most critical lesson to have earned: your coins are only yours if you control the private key.

This is an amazing vision to take part in and witness.

For technical details related to the delisting have a read of this article:

Bittrex Wallet Issues
Related to the automated maintenance on the bittrex exchange, it is coincidence I am sure. There other tokens that are embedded in bitcoins blockchain are also under maintenance. I have reached out to Bittrex directly regarding the issue without response.

Safex Wallet Issues
We are already starting to address the issues with small bugs related to the Safex Wallet; We must be grateful that our development contributions are increasing, and glad that there such capable friends in our network.

If a transaction isn’t going through from the safex wallet, please consider your environment and connectivity. There are some upgrades that will improve the situation when you are in a weak internet connection this will come in a near future version of the wallet. For now you should be in a well connected place to send safex coins over the wallet.

Also, regarding btc fees when sending safex coins. In the current stage of our developments we utilize the bitcoin blockchain to store the data about the safex coin you are holding. They are literally embedded inside of a bitcoin transaction; therefore, we have to pay the toll to the bitcoin network. The reason the fee is higher than normal is because we have to add more data to represent the safex coins inside of the blockchain. This means you would likely prefer to make meaningful transactions while the fees are quite dear. When we migrate to the safex blockchain fees will plummet as we will no longer use the bitcoin rails.

Under some conditions Windows 10 is highly affected and could be unusable.

The most important thing to store Safex Tokens is to make a wallet, get the address; backup the private keys; and hold the Safex on that key.

Take a look at the Safex Wallet tutorial and get familiar with the foundation of Crypto Currency: the Private and Public Keys.

We appreciate the help and vigor of the community. As usual we will continue steam rolling forward. Clarifying the Safex message, expanding development capabilities, forging new alliances, and bring the world closer together with cryptocommerce.

Safex Developers


Nice read and after I lay down for bed too. I’m going to sleep nicely.

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DAN, please answer the 1 question. After December of 15th, can we withdraw Safex from Bittrex?
Please, answer if you are only 100% sure.


@RichardG no communication yet.

Come on mate just do the small bit of research needed for this… On bittrex own support pages it states you have 14 Days to withdraw once delisting has taken place. This very discussion already exists in other threads. I Think Dan has more important things to be getting on with than acting as a search engine.

You will be allowed to withdraw after the 15th for a set time frame which is usually 14 days. Obviously the maintenance has to be over in order to withdraw. But I have never seen omni-protocol wallet maintenance go past 5 days. It has been around 2 days now. I did a withdrawal after notification of delisting and before the current wallet maintenance of omni tokens. safex is a omni token so its caught up in that maintenance.


Thank you. Can someone put the link, I cant find on Bittrex, please.


The wallet eventually will come off of maintenance at bittrex.


Go to bittrex support and look at “Bittrex Market Removal Policy” or plug that into google. I run bittrex on a separate machine and I am not typing the link out. Real easy to find

Oh my, now I found it. Im sometimes so blind. :see_no_evil: Thank you Dan, Rob.

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I will gladly sacrifice CPU/GPU cycles for this. Burn my silicone but get it right!


Thanks for commenting on such a large range of topics in this update Dan.
Keep it safe!


Love it again, you addressed all of the concerns, any uncertainties should be now cleared.


Hii mee too wants to withdraw Safex from Bittrex but wallet is under maintenance since 2-3 days i read that bittrex allows you to withdraw coins/tokens 14days after delisting hope it is true and maintenance is over before this period and i m litterally worried as i hold good qty of safex in bittrex…

Any idea when we can expect Safex Wallet maintenance to be over

For the lazy, here is the link to Bittrex which lists reasons for coin removal as well as the 14 day rule:

For the super lazy, they say this “If a market is removed, you will have 14 days to remove your coins from our wallets.”


Markets which are more eligible for removal include but are not limited to:

Coins without working blockchains.

Perhaps this is the reason Safex is getting delisting and not the dividend issue. For example NEO is still on Bittrex and also offers dividends. I believe the solution to this is clear. :smiley:

Bittrex isn’t paying out the GAS that NEO produces though. Anyone holding NEO coins on the Bittrex exchange and not in their own wallet are losing out on free money.

that would be the same for Safex/Chille. Only if the coin is “locked in” within a Safex wallet do you get the distribution. Bittrex would not get, nor distribute, the chille coins that are generated.

If this was true, Safex wouldn’t have been enlisted in the first place. They are using BTC blockchain untill own blockchain is ready, which is about to come.

I didn’t say paying out coins, I mentioned that they are delisting tokens due to:

Coins without working blockchains.

Does Safex have a working blockchain? NO - not yet
Could this be the reason for delisting? Possibly