Safex Development Update December 13, 2017

Oh my, now I found it. Im sometimes so blind. :see_no_evil: Thank you Dan, Rob.

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I will gladly sacrifice CPU/GPU cycles for this. Burn my silicone but get it right!


Thanks for commenting on such a large range of topics in this update Dan.
Keep it safe!


Love it again, you addressed all of the concerns, any uncertainties should be now cleared.


Hii mee too wants to withdraw Safex from Bittrex but wallet is under maintenance since 2-3 days i read that bittrex allows you to withdraw coins/tokens 14days after delisting hope it is true and maintenance is over before this period and i m litterally worried as i hold good qty of safex in bittrex…

Any idea when we can expect Safex Wallet maintenance to be over

For the lazy, here is the link to Bittrex which lists reasons for coin removal as well as the 14 day rule:

For the super lazy, they say this “If a market is removed, you will have 14 days to remove your coins from our wallets.”


Markets which are more eligible for removal include but are not limited to:

Coins without working blockchains.

Perhaps this is the reason Safex is getting delisting and not the dividend issue. For example NEO is still on Bittrex and also offers dividends. I believe the solution to this is clear. :smiley:

Bittrex isn’t paying out the GAS that NEO produces though. Anyone holding NEO coins on the Bittrex exchange and not in their own wallet are losing out on free money.

that would be the same for Safex/Chille. Only if the coin is “locked in” within a Safex wallet do you get the distribution. Bittrex would not get, nor distribute, the chille coins that are generated.

If this was true, Safex wouldn’t have been enlisted in the first place. They are using BTC blockchain untill own blockchain is ready, which is about to come.

I didn’t say paying out coins, I mentioned that they are delisting tokens due to:

Coins without working blockchains.

Does Safex have a working blockchain? NO - not yet
Could this be the reason for delisting? Possibly

You sly dog you.

Well done.


Misread your post… need more coffee

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:point_up_2: that website looks good :wink:

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I just saw this: BITBAY

Can someone explain to me what is the difference between them and safex future platform?

Interesting. I too would like to know the difference.

Anonymous features, a focus towards more than just goods, but also services, and dividends.

Yes it does. SAFEX is currently a omni-token and as such has a blockchain. The btc blockchain. The reason for the working blockchain is so there is security when deposits and withdrawals happen

So I had looked into BitBay a long time ago when I was deciding on a horse to bet on in this race. It has been a while though, and I wanted to give an educated answer to this question, so I downloaded the latest client. That was a few days ago (when you originally posted)… I’m now 47% caught up with their current block chain. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m not using them to do my Christmas shopping.

BitBay, in spite of their claims, do not have a “fully functioning product” yet. There are several key items in their shitty UI that when you click on them, just say “We don’t do that yet”. Now, granted, neither does Safex… but BitBay leaves some other things to be desired. For one, each “market” can be moderated with a master key, which doesn’t really make it distributed. In fact, that doesn’t make it any different than Zen Cart. They’ve been around since 2011ish, and have a fully functioning product (that even doesn’t have a shitty UI!), yet are still left in the internet dust… have you ever heard of them? Me neither. That’s because they, much like BitBay, don’t really offer any sort of disruptive technology to the global ecommerce market.

I also checked out Particl, which supposedly has the same level of privacy and encryption that Safex does (which I question, but okay). Their user interface is also really shitty… and as a developer myself, that just shows to me that they just don’t get it. When I put aside the shitty UI though, it was still unusable, even though they claim that it’s “working”. They also recently released their complete data model, and it’s not adequate to fill even half the claims of Safex.

Safex, on the other hand, is run like every successful software startup I’ve ever seen. Dan probably hates me because I’ve poked at him a bit, but the bottom line is all the claims he’s made are technically possible, and he has no motivation not to see this project through at this point. He’s plastered his face all over the place, even traveled the world to promote Safex. For him to drop out now he would be tossing away literal $billions. When I look at him though, I don’t see a CEO – I see an extremely bright developer in the crypo world who got shoved into the CEO role quasi-against his will. Not only that, but the UI fucking rocks. The Safex team clearly care about the community, and they seriously care about the user experience.

Some critics may point to the fact that Safex has been around for 2 years now and they only have an Omni wallet at this point. That’s actually a good thing. As Dan said himself, being the first to market isn’t always the best. It means you can watch the market and see what people are doing right and what they’re doing wrong. At this point though, if Safex was all just a big scam, we DEFINITELY wouldn’t be getting weekly video updates at this point. Dan certainly wouldn’t be flying around and putting himself in front of large crowds of crypto-investors… some of whom may have already lost money on the project. He would have changed his name to Juan and moved to Brazil a long fucking time ago.


Love to read your post @SonicPoet great stuff