Safex Development Update December 28, 2017

Hey i updated the wallet but now dose not show how much safex i got i know i had 37964 but now it says 0 .

move your primary private key into archive in the wallet. Then move back to home.

Cool. Thanks for the update, guys. New wallet looks…practical. Tho, I’m really happy to know Safex will be up and trading on new platforms soon…

Keep it up… :slight_smile:

Can you explain how to do that? I have my “unsafex” file ready to go, but don’t know how to get it into the wallet.
Do you use it during the “Import Wallet” process? Is that a dat file, too?
Sorry…ultra noob.

Hi, thanks for the update.
I can see the Safex and BTC price now.

BUT…it now shows zero Safex and zero BTC balance on my Safex wallet.
This is impossible. I’ve upgraded directly from 0.0.3 to 0.0.5 on MS Windows 10.
On 0.0.3 it was still showing my 10000 Safex.


Archive this address and then send it back to home page. It will fix safex balance issue

I upgraded to the new 0.0.5 wallet but is shows 0 Safex balance.
I downgraded to 0.0.3 and I got the balance back.
Please fix it!

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That worked for me. thanks for sharing this workaround.

@flo90 on a Mac you simply reinstall the older version on top on the newer version.

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You should read all comments in the thread as the problem uz are encountering has allready got a fix :slight_smile:

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  1. it works

  2. thanks

  3. retarded award of the day goes to me :smiley:

thanks man


No problem bro take it easy #HODL LIFE :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dandabek, keeping us updated as always. Great things to come with marketplace and Safex blockchain.

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I downloaded the new version and my wallet has 0 safex in it now. I’m a little worried but at the same time i’m hoping its just a glitch. Can someone please help me rectify this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@thesituati0n Thanks :slight_smile: back in business!

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I still can’t make it work. And, yes, I’ve watched the video.

To start, I export the .dat file and unsafex file from wallet version 0.0.3. Saved in file in My Documents.

Then, I download wallet 0.0.5, executable. When it opens, I select import wallet, and then choose the .dat file that previously saved, and enter my password. When the wallet opens…nothing. Shows empty.
At this point, I try the private key from unsafex on the open wallet, in the Import Key cell. Nothing. Shows empty.

Not sure what to do now.

I have successfully:

  • Sent and received Safex from my wallet, from versions 0.0.3 to 0.0.5
  • Bought and sold Safex from tradesatoshi (as well as Cryptopia and Bittrex when it was listed there)
  • Sent and received Safex from the exchanges

There is nothing wrong with the exchanges or the wallet application. I’m convinced all problems I read on these forums are user error.

Thanks for the update Dan. Some people may be impatient with progress, for me I see it as a longer opportunity to grab up Safex at cheap prices.

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@NateUSA if the Safex Wallet v0.0.3 is already installed on your PC, all you need do is download and run the setup.exe file for the v0.0.5 wallet and it will automatically install and update your v0.0.3 to v0.0.5.

If you’ve already installed the Safex Wallet v0.0.5, then open the wallet and try this sequence:

Click the ARCHIVE button, then click the HOME button. Or if your Public Key is displayed, then click TO ARCHIVE followed by TO HOME. Your Safex coins and balances should now be shown.

There is also support available by the Safex Community on Discord. Here is an active link to join Discord:

Best Wishes!

Guys and girls, take this for the perception that this has created for me and likely others too. I could be wrong but it sounds like we are many weeks ago from a white paper. 4-5 months away from it being listed on an exchange, months away from Alpha and so forth.
We aren’t going to have a meaningful market place up and running until late next year I think and and which in itself will suffer from the issues that sites in their infancy suffer with.
In short this is a long term hold before we see anything meaningful happen.
Which is somewhat disappointing I have to say since this bull run in crypto won’t last forever and the longer this takes the more competitors like bitbay will improve and the more opportunity there is for further competitors. The opium of McAfee endorsements can’t stand on it’s feet alone forever.
Will also add that no weekly updates would be preferred because then each time maybe we will hear of more substantive steps.
That big fall we saw today in price was of course linked to this announcement.


Take care and good luck