Safex Development Update - Safex Wallet v2 Release August 27th, 2017

Greetings everyone,

Version 0.0.2 is out now! You just need to discontinue use of the previous version; and open up and login to the new version, nothing beyond that. Note: you do not need to do “wallet reset” if you already have a wallet on your computer. Wallet reset is a separate feature.
Check out or

for downloads.

This has been a great week for us. It’s been a great pleasure taking in feedback from the community to make the wallet an experience that we hope you’ll enjoy very much. Also make it user friendly to the new comers.

We got hit with a stormy week on the Bitcoin network and many transactions were stuck because of a malfunction in the fee recommendation provided by the application. We’ve addressed that in the new release.

More info on that can be found in my post here: Bitcoin Mem Pool issues August 25, 2017

The new wallet can be found on the new releases:

In this release we addressed the significant usability issues. The order in which requests are made have been made more logical towards the perspective of a user. From now on the application must connect to the nodes, confirming that, it fetches the most important data first. Then it populates balances and unlocks the ability to make transactions.

There is additional support for indication where a transaction is dispatched and awaiting a reply. If there is some issue there is a notification. Additionally, there is a refresh button. The application will require that the user manually refresh the application to check their wallet. This is to reduce server load, and it is limited to one refresh per three minutes.

Additionally, there is a password change in a settings cog, as well as exporting unencrypted keys, exporting an encrypted safexwallet.dat file, as well as a logout button.

Finally, there is the ability for completely deleting the wallet that is stored at the core. It will allow the user a chance to back up encrypted and unencrypted versions of their wallet before finishing off with deleting the old wallet making room for a new wallet file to be created.

If there is any feedback or support requirements refer to the forum and the support category:

In the week ahead, we will continue with reinstating the coin vending application as well as the updated information regarding Safex related to Chille, the FAQ, and the story behind Why we started Safex in the first place.

Furthermore, since last Saturday we’ve begun to discuss the future from the perspective of economics. With the wallet in a condition that I hope is usable to all of you, and pleasant, we will be able to dive fully into Chille development.

Safex Developers

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Let us know what you think


Nice bit about the “precious coins”. :joy::rofl::joy:
Wallet looks great as expected thanks for the update.


Great update now drive right into Chille :slight_smile:


Green lights make noobies feel safe :relieved:


Downloaded and sent some coins from Bittrex to see if all works well.

PD: coins are in my wallet, everything is OK!


@dandabek, you are making great strides to improve the wallet. This is a beautiful wallet!

Here are my thoughts for consideration…

Most wallets focus on utility and neglect style. Maybe in the future, people can customize their wallet: color, font, background, etc. It may seem trivial. But customizing the wallet gives people a sense of “unique ownership” and pride to show it off. This makes the wallet stand out even more from other wallets.

We talked about the wallet voting feature, and it will be added. This feature is extremely important to SAFEX holders interested in Chille development. I realize not everyone cares about voting. So a separate tab screen would be ideal.

This screen could be used to communicate news and updates. Instead of communicating through various media outlets: twitter, facebook, this forum… you can reach all SAFEX holders through the wallet. Imagine that!!!

Most people can figure out the buttons and fields. However, some are hesitant to click a button if they don’t know what it does. A tool tip (mouse-over info box) gives quick information about the button. If you’re still adding features to the wallet, it would be easier to put in tool tips. When the wallet is fully featured, a complete video tutorial would be ideal.
By the way, I didn’t realize we needed to manually refresh until I read your OP. When I first opened wallet v0.0.2, my balance said NaN. I imagine some people were confused unless they read the OP.
If tool tips are annoying, then perhaps a “help tab” with FAQ and How-to instructions.

I know this is a desktop wallet. Eventually, we should build a mobile wallet to reach cell phone users.

We are on a strict timeline and many people want Chille Network launched ASAP. If the SAFEX wallet is the “gateway” to the Chille Marketplace, then we need to make sure its absolutely stunning. Otherwise no one will walk through it.


agree with all suggestions by @dyamanaka

I’m not too bothered about a mobile wallet. Due to security issues on mobile, I don’t use any mobile apps, but it could help reach those that do like mobile apps as suggested.


Dandabek. we need a wallet for androids. I personally use my phone. A wallet for androids. Thank you.


I have a fixed encrypted drive by a bitlocker. I’m intending to install all my wallets there. I only unlock the drive for a brief moment when I need to use a wallet and most of the times that drive is locked.

How can I install this wallet there? Please, someone help.

BTW, How safe is this wallet on a default location, just in case if my pc is compromised?

Thank You.

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you can make a new wallet, and export it… you can then use your bitlocker and import your wallet with the import feature from the secured location.

those tutorial videos will follow since I’m comfortable promoting this wallet


Just installed the wallet. Should we be making backups of anything? For example, if my Hddr dies with my coins in, I lose them? Is there something I should write down with my password?

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there is a “gear” icon after you log in, it lets you export the wallet encrypted or unencrypted.

You can literally export unencrypted (which has your private keys) print it out and put it in a safe


Wonderful, thank you


Yes, You should take backups of .dat file and keys

Settings->Export Encrypted Wallet (.dat)
Settings->Export Unencrypted Keys

Please take extra care of your keys as they are plain text and should be stored on some sort of encrypted drive.


Thanks. I am just getting my head around it all. First I need to transfer some BTC into the wallet to pay fees, correct? Then I can import my SafeX. I don’t have much due to finances, just over 6000 coins, is it worth sending to wallet or just leave on exchange?
Thanks :smiley:


You can store safex without paying any fees, if you’re withdrawing from bittrex they cover the fee to send.

Maintenance on bittrex could be because of the heightened fees on the bitcoin blockchain.


Thanks. I’m moving from Cryptopia (my local exchange). I think I’ll go to bed and figure it out tomorrow. Then I will be sitting waiting for next pay day to buy more Safex :smiley:


Why on bittrex SAFEX wallet “Automated Maintenance”? When I can buy more safex?

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