Safex Node Questions

Hi Guys,

I am running a safex node, When i check the “status”, there are 0 ins, and 8 outs. I left this there for a few days and it still can’t get any INs, any idea?

I am running on windows 10. Also i did the following troubleshooting already

  1. Safexd running as admin
  2. firewall whitelisted
  3. Antivirus exempted.
  4. on my router level there is no firewall. its a normal home router

Does anyone have any idea where i should check next?

See Edit 3 in OP of this thread… Tutorial: Set up a Safex node on Vultr

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thanks @aussiesloth , with the tip from lomax about the port in edit 3.

i enable a NAT port forwarding on my router to the PC running it. So its working good now

I see a few INs already

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