Safex to Bitcoin conversion doesnt match.

Hi ,
I just migrated to Safex. And mt Safex wallet doesnt match for the Safex and equivalent Bitcoin

68212 Safex at this time amounts to 0.2046 BTC at this moment of time.
And when I’m trying to send the BTC it says “You do not have enough BITCOIN to cover the fee”

Please help

You have Safex not BTC… it might be worth 0.2 btc but it is not. The wallet is on btc and safex the same time, the numbers don’t have to match up therefore

You seem to have missed a lot what happened in safex the last months… do yourself a favor and go to Next migration run scheduled for 25th June 2019

Watch the videos and read the linked .pdf

Your safex won’t be worth anything by November when you miss migration… but don’t rush it either before understanding the process.


See my article here (You already did Step 1).