SAFEX Wallet unable to send

Hi, I’m unable to send my SAFEX out of the new wallet. When I click to confirm nothing happens.

me to i have the same

Do you have any BTC in the wallet? I believe you need it to pay the fee to send.

0 safex in wallet? Was there last night? Help please

How about receiving to the wallet? I’ve sent lotsa SafEx tokens from an exchange hours ago, & it seems stuck, processing… I used the address given in the new wallet under “Receive”… Did I mess up something? Is it normal that it takes so long?

Yeah don’t worry. It happens sometimes. One time my transaction took over 20 hours.

Woah… That’s crazy, but re-assuring… Thanks so much, I’ll wait then.

It’s weird and to me it looks like a problem with Bitcoin blockchain or OMNI. When I had that 20 hour delay, I made another transaction after the first transaction, and the second transaction was confirmed before the first one…

The issue here is that you don’t see the status of your actions. If you click send, just wait for it, eventually you should get a confirmation.

We will address this in the subsequent revision. This was not an issue during our tests probably since there was less traffic.

We need to add status indicators for every action as they each require network communication.
So you are not left wondering if things are working.


my Safex coins came into the wallet today… I have a question: if I’m sending more Safex tokens from the exchange into this same wallet, do I need to create a new Receive address, or can I use back this same Safex address?
Thanks, Kel

You can use the same one again


Thanks Dan


what exectly is the fee that i need to pay to get my coins out, as i enter the ammount it shows me 0.0001 btc later on when nothing happens that fee changes to something else , like wtf is going on with that wallet / shoudl of told people that its not complete or buggy , wouldnt even used it

the recommended fee is the one that it changes into

what recommended fee lol ? so i can 0 if i want ? as far as i know the wallet is bugged af and my coins are stuck there , i sent 0.0001 btc to it as well cause there was fee mentioned there 0.0001 so i did get that btc there even so i cnat get my coins out

now im on a screen where wallet shows that transaction is SENT but clearly it isnt cause my wallet stil has the ammount in it
like wtf…

thanks for your feedback @mozzus

well thanks for listening … when i will be able to get my coins back ?

if it says sent, then you should see a pending status on your wallet

We’re going to get tutorials out how to use this, and add indicators for the different aspects that are happening, such as the recommended fee.

If you’re accustomed to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies then you would already understand how this works. We are getting that out as soon as we can and it will be in this week.

well thats the problem it dosnt show anything … when i click send it just dosnt do anything there is no pending notification nor nothing its like wallet is showing stuff but actualy it isnt responding to anything

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