Safex Wallet v0.0.8 Migration Enhanced

The Sails V8 wallet does not have the Deb File;

Can Anyone help or please Support, can you give me the Deb file:
I have Linux operating system.

Thats what I am working on right now:
I am on the 3rd step: It will require a bitcoin fee. Do I have to rest the whole thing and put some BTC in the account? It does not even say how much of BTC fee is required.

You are too late. Don’t waste the BTC.

Migration is no longer being done. You missed the window.

So what do I do with my coins?

So why it keeps saying you do not have enough BTC for the migration?

So far as the project is concerned, any old coins are now dead, and are no longer of any value to the project.

I’m guessing you don’t have sufficient BTC in the wallet to trigger the tx you are trying to undertake. Which is a good thing for you, as you’d only be wasting the BTC.

One thing is for sure I spent money to buy these coins. There should be other ways to transfer our value to the new platform:

So Safex is saying , if you happened to be in a hospital or missed the migration, Too Bad For You;

Even though You have all the proof of buying their coins

390+ days!! Plus all the notices about the migration PRIOR to the actual process.

Safex (old coin) was always a placeholder token that was going to transition to its own ecosystem. And open, public discussion of moving to the new coins was happening for as long as I’ve been following the project (2017).

You failed to maintain any sort of knowledge of what was happening, so that’s on you, I’m afraid.

I’ve had it happen to me with other coins. My focus was elsewhere and I missed the window (admittedly, they were much smaller windows that the 1yr+ given by Safex). They became a write off.

You see? they could have taken all measures to handle all ind of situation. The migrations should not have been us doing it for example. They could have migrate everything and deduct whatever fees from whatever we have in our account.

I am not here avoiding to blame myself from missing out. I am also reminding them that with their level of know how in this kind of science there could have been a better way to bring all safex owners to the new platform with all fees deducted from what we own as safex coins and this without all this wallet changing from 0006 to 0007 and then 0008 and so on;
People go through circumstances. Some people do not have the luxury to have a normal life with computers and wifi; and all other needs 24/available.

Impossible for them to do it all.

Firstly, it completely destroys the privacy of keys if they were centrally generated and disseminated to account holders. also, there’s no way to identify the holder of old wallet X and send them new blockchain wallet Y.

Something for you to consider…

I did hear an anecdotal Story of someone else who missed migration… they took the tax write off on their original purchase costs, and figured out they could buy an even bigger bag of new coins at the current lower prices using the tax refund.

Something for you to consider.

I have left the US. Now in Africa. Will have to see. Using tax write off can be quite dangerous because in case its made with the wrong legal team or a mistake is made; it can be considered a tax fraud. So its better to buy these coins when you have money cash available.