Sent SFT from Livecoin to my new wallet 1 month ago, but I have not recieved them?


I sent SFT from the exchange Livecoin to my wallet 1 month ago, I sent these coins to my new adress, here:sft|379x94

Only my migrated sft I can see, but not the new ones i bought

But I have yet not recieved them, anyone know why?

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Please read the .pdf linked in here Next migration run scheduled for 25th June 2019 so you understand things.

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Try a reindex.
Can you see the transaction on the explorer?

I think he’s trying to see them in the v7 @znffal so they obviously won’t appear.

But yes, if on the v1 or v2, then a Rescan should correct the displayed balances

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Thanks for the answers!

I have sent the ones i bought on Livecoin to my 0.0.7 version wallet.
I have the all the ones that I migrated only missing the SFT i bought.

I have refreshed and no difference, @aussiesloth you said that they wont appear in the v7 wallet?
Maybe we can se them in the next version? because im 100% sure that I sent the coins to my new adress

You obviously didn’t read the .pdf I suggested you look at.

Read it… then you’ll understand.