SFT still on Bitcoin Blockchain in 2020, Is it lost?

Can someone with info please advise me on the situation with coins that are still on the Bitcoin Blockchain.
I purchased Some safex SFT in 2017 right before it was delisted from Bittrex. I currently have it stored in wallet 0.0.8. Since the delisting there was nowhere viable to sell the coins so I kept them hoping that one day, they would be of some value.
I admit I didn’t follow DD during the crypto winter as the asset was all but worthless.

Also the instructions to move it to the new blockchain are far to complex for a non developer so I still have my SFT on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Is it lost because I didn’t keep up with the news and move my coins before the deadline, or is there still an option to migrate to the New blockchain.
Im a bit confused as to how my coins can expire, but from what I can gather, there was only a small time window to move the coins and if you miss it, you’re out of luck. What brilliant UX

I don’t care about loosing out of a few dollars worth of SFX. I just want to move my coins somewhere where they are viable and have the option to sell them now that the value is returning to where I purchased. Please advise.

Unfortunately, there’s no longer any way to migrate those old coins.

Had you paid attention and attempted to complete migration during migration window, there was always support available to help you through the process.

And fwiw, 390 days is not a small window of opportunity.

Really? Its my fault that I didn’t think DD and Safex has a snowballs chance in hell of making it, so now that I wasn’t paying attention when the coins I bought became worth less the 20 bucks US for 1 year of the crypto winter, I lost out?

Thats how much you care for your early investors Huh DD?
Thats the lamest shit I have ever heard. Sketchy. And frankly what I had come to expect from previous fall thrus from the Safex core team. Had the asset been worth more than the cost of the bitcoin required to move it from the bitcoin blockchain, I might have paid more attention. That there is any kind of cut off date, much less 390 days until you loose, is rather dubious IMO.

I think there is some serious lack of morals going on with this “cut off date” BS after changing blockchains. If thats somehow justified in the minds of the Safex team…Why don’t you just keep making new blockchains then and making it so the coins get made worthless if you don’t immediately move them. brilliant. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme.

If your telling me my 23K SFT is now worth zero because I didn’t move it in time. thats really telling me I got ripped off by DD for 1 ETH.

Yes, entirely your fault. The original coins were always only placeholder coins, to be moved to a Mainnet as the project developed. Just because you stopped following doesn’t mean project development ceased.

Also, as you stated, you bought your coins on Bittrex. So you weren’t an investor - the project got nothing from you. You simply bought coins from another HODLer. The only funds raised for the project was the $50k from the crowdsale in 2015/16.

As for the BTC cost to migrate, it cost me about $2 in total when I migrated. Not the greatest of outlays.

Go search through some other crypto projects that underwent a migration window… 3 months, 6 months is normal. Giving over 12 months is exceedingly generous in the crypto space.

If you still believe in the project potential, you could currently replace your bag on Xcalibra for under $200.

Just saying. :man_shrugging: