SFXOS crash

I am new to mining and have been mining for a few days now and today while at work I noticed that my rig stopped submitting hashes. It did not mine the rest of the day. There was no power outage in my house and the rig remained powered on even when I had returned home. I did remove the USB and rebooted and was eventually able to get the rig back up and working.

Is it typical to have a crash like this? Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Is it recommended to take periodic down time for mining? For reference I am using the recommended equipment listed in the mining tutorial.

Having never used SFXOS, I can’t speak to any issues, but this thread may be of interest to you SFXOS: Safex Cash mining operating system support. Dan has used it on over 60 rig builds and appears to not have many issues.

I personally prefer to use a straight Ubuntu + xmrig build (as per Step-by-Step Safex Cash Mining Rig Build and Setup: Linux/xmrig) which I can SSH into at any time to check on things, and also update whenever I decide to.

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