Unable to fetch avg fee


I migrated my safex to the new wallet v0.0.8 and recently unable to access my wallet as it says ‘Unable to fetch avg fee’.
I also have the Orbiter wallet which opens up with a blank screen.
I have close to 100K safex coins and also 200+ safex cash token in the wallet. Is there any way I can reinstate my wallet using my private keys?
I also have tried the VPN route and tried disabling firewall but none of it has helped.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks Aussiesloth. I got my coins migrated to the Safex v0.0.8 wallet and my coins were displaying correctly. I recently noticed the issue for which I am in this forum.
I do not have the know how to resolve this, as you posted, I will wait for the GUI TWM Wallet and hopefully my private keys will work. But I am tired of this TBH.