Wallet- issue

I try to send SFT to xCalibra several times SafexizbEHdGwdJjvtNrcQAf6FZBUSunfSDRbowxDNNGBPhfc6DzVeacEzxKNt3rFYEkyHLN7JNsWLHTM58DPA33iepZ4uqFFpi9jL6PzZsTCLEbo

but i get all O.K. messages but nothing happens from latest safex wallet.

is there help at all ?


Do you have SFX in your wallet to pay the transaction fee?


nope. it says no fee will be apply ?
How much SFX do i need for transaction ?


Every tx requires SFX for the tx fee. It will likely be less that 1 SFX, if you haven’t got a pile on inputs for the tx, and use a low mixin.


you have any SFX to borrow i can return it in SFT tokens or any other crypto of your choice ?

you can put here your Safex address or send me PM and I will send you some small amount of SFX so you can withdraw your SFT. From your first post I am not sure is that your wallet address or one from Xcalibra

EDIT: I just sent you 100 SFX on address you mentioned at top.



here is my wallet address. so if you can send some it would be great.

Got nothing on xcalibra because that was SFT wallet address :frowning:


ok, I will send it there as well. BTW on same address you can send both sfx and sft


thank you. i can see transaction but need to wait for confirmations.
on xcalibra there are separate addresses for sfx and sft. don’t know why there is not same wallet for all safex tokens !?
Thank you very much for sfx tokens. i will send back what ever is left in there after i send it from my wallet


You’re welcome. I am not sure why, probably there are some reasons


Yes @galicone unfortunately for your 100 SFX, Xcalibra have separate and specific deposit addresses for each coin SFX and SFT. So sending the SFX to the SFT deposit address will mean they do NOT credit on the exchange.

(Is why there are big warnings on the deposit screens to only send the specific coin to the address)

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if others read that later and need some SFX to cover transaction fees:

You can still mine SFX quite fast and simple with your home computer.
Even a quite old CPU should bring you enough SFX in a couple of hours to cover transaction fees and it’s a good experience for everyone invested in crypto to mine your own coins at least once :wink:


This is what I ended up doing! I had sft I wanted to try staking with, but no sfx! Built myself a rig! Within a half a day I got my first 15 payout and was able to stake my SFT right away! :upside_down_face:


Hi. Hope I’m in the right topic section here…

I still have an old laptop with the SAFEX wallet version 0.0.3 (was setup in 2017)

I have the key files and my private key. I wasn’t aware about the migration to a new blockchain.

Is it still possible to restore a new wallet with my new SAFEX tokens?

Help please.


Sorry @Shinobi, I don’t believe so. Here is a link that was posted a while back:

What I can tell you though, is that Safe Exchange Coin was converted to Safex Token following the migration; and if you are interested in the Safex Ecosystem and a soon to be released mobile wallet app and an enhanced desktop app, you have come back at an excellent time!

Safex Token (SFT) is still priced very low
~ $0.004 US dollars.

And now, you can download the TWM pre-release wallet where your new tokens will be available. You can download from www.safex.org
This pre-release is currently in revision as version 2 and it will provide enhancements and also allow onboarding of merchants.

Best Wishes!



I’ve downloaded the TWM wallet and restored it with my keys from the Orbiter wallet. The Orbiter wallet shows my SFT and SFX balances but the TWM wallet shows a 0 balance for both. The public is the same on both wallets so Im pretty sure there was no issue putting the keys in. I’ve done a hard reset a couple times but still no balance in the TWM wallet. Any suggestions or assistance is much appreciated as I would like to stake my SFT tokens


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As per the other posts giving help on TWM, you are most likely just being impatient.

Hit Hard Rescan and just leave it for at least an hour. Depending on your Pc and internet speeds, it will most likely show your balance before the hour is up, or shortly thereafter.

If you keep hitting rescan, then you’ll never see the balance… it will just keep restarting. Hit Hard Rescan once and then let it be.

You can tic tac between the Home Button and the :gear: to see transactions appearing in the history.