Wallet keeps getting stuck on pending while sending coins

@dandabek…Do you know what this issue coudl be. I am trying to send the safex coins from my wallet back to my exchange, but it keeps getting suck on pending. i am paying the recommended fees as well. But it still gets stuck on pending. When i logout and logback in, i see all coins are still there. It does not crate any hash function either. Is it because i am sending too many safex coins?

I have the exact same problem. Been stuck for a day now.

If you know the private key, can’t you just add it to another wallet and send from there?

I dont know. You mean like a Swing or Exodus wallet?

Any other wallet that can hold safex and allows you to send it. I havnt used any other wallet, for safex, myself but a quick search should be able to find you a few to use and then just import your private key.

Dont know… i would still like @dandabek to answer. He should know what the issue is.

This is usually an issue with Windows 10 users; if you are not on Windows 10 let me know which OS you are in, so we can add it to the circumstance so we can make the wallet better compatible with more people. This is usual with new software.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

As a solution, export your private keys or your encrypted wallet and try another computer; or export your private keys and import them into omniwallet.org

I see. I am using windows 10. By the way… congrats on the jump on Safex. I dont have any other computer except windows 10. Will try the omniwallet.org

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Got it to work. As suggested by @dandabek i imported my keys to omniwallet.org1 and then sent safex from there to my bittrex account.

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So basically what I said :wink:

I tried this but it doesnt show the safex.
I also installed the safex client on my mac and imported the wallet and its still pending there.
The crazy thing is there is 2 times the amount of safex that i have, pending. Help

You might have done something wrong. How did you export the private keys. follow instructions from here

you can export the private keys from safex wallet from settings.