Wallet security?

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I have my Safex coins on Bittrex. I was originally going to move them to a BTC address (paper wallet), but now the wallet is out and it is needed for voting etc, I was wondering what security measures are in place to stop it being hacked? Does it have 2FA for example? What happens if someone were to overtake my computer and had key logged my password for example? Is it best to keep only some money in here, like a hot wallet and keep some elsewhere?

I haven’t done much research into the wallet yet and not watched the videos but I will tonight. But any thoughts would be appreciated.


Dan stated that the process to get chille would be discussed further, but assured that the coins shouldn’t stay in the exchange in order to get’em. let’s wait for the devs to say the final word on that

I definitely won’t be keeping on the exchange. I’m not talking about percs, I’m talking about security. Surely paper/cold wallet has got to be safer than the safex wallet.

Hi guys! I wanted to download the wallet, but my computer gives me the warning that there is a security issue, so he does not allow me to download the wallet. This was in order to put my big amount of Safex in the wallet to receive chille coins. What can I do now? Or when will this be fixed? Thanks in advance!
Keep up the good work! Strong believer!

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Very soon hopefully. But for now you can head over to the Safex website and generate a wallet address directly from the site. Make sure you save your private key so you can recover it to the next wallet update. Send your Safex to that address and now all of your Safex is secure in cold storage until you’re able to download the wallet if your unable to make exceptions in your antivirus currently.

Awesome, thanks MrJ! Worked like a charm

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Happy to help.

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Are there any plans for 2 Factor Authentication? This would give piece of mind in case somebody managed to key-log my password.


No, it is safest to hold your coins in the matter I described above. Cold storage is the safest means of storage currently available. However if you hold your Safex on an exchange you “will not” receive Chille coins when released. As the exchanges will not be set up to receive the airdrop. In other words. Get your coins off the exchange asap. :wink: 2fa will be added to a future version of the wallet I’m sure.


Okay. I forgot I could still get my chille coins if they are in cold storage, I think I’ll opt for that then! But I’ll use the safex wallet temporarily. I’m wondering though if I still have voter rights with my coins in a cold wallet. I’m sure I heard this is not possible.

Naw, when the voting system is released it will surely be integrated into the wallet itself. Just be extra cautious when storing your private key when opting for cold storage. Otherwise it can cost you everything.

Thanks for the reminder.

I wonder though. If it would be possible to have voting rights whilst safex coins are kept offline. As public keys (I believe) can show how much money is stored at a private address, you could somehow prove to the wallet that you own a certain public key and it could just go off the amount at that address.

For example the wallet could give you a unique code of 3 digits (i.e. 329 satoshi). You then have an hour to deposit this into the address you want linked to the account. Safex from then on would continue to go by how much is in this Public address.

Just a thought. I’m new to crypto so not sure how public keys work fully, let alone if this kinda thing would work.

edit: I’ve just seen the flaw in my idea, that you could send this amount to anyone. Doh! But maybe there’s some other way to verify.

Surely anything is possible a year from now when the marketplace is up and running.


Indeed, just trying to think of ideas :slight_smile:

I put all my safex in safex wallet at pc, safex wallet is not a ccold wallet?
u mean the wesite wallet(coming soon) more safety than the download wallet?
about the chille token, i hold my safex at safex wallet so that i can get the air drop?
sorry for my grammar…

If you never use the Safex Wallet to send coins, it is pretty much cold. If you send coins from Safex Wallet it starts to use the internet etc, but has security where all important processes take place only on your PC.

The website wallet would be far from cold storage.

tl;dr safex wallet (pc wallet) is cold wallet if you dont send and back up your keys.


thank you (if you dont send and back up your keys.) that a good knowledge that i dont know OMG:grinning:

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I saw a posting of yours earlier about BTC paper wallet and how you can store Safex on them. When you said that comment, did you mean you could actually store SAFEX coins on a paper BTC wallet. How can that be. Wouldn’t you just be storing Bitcoin on your paper wallet since its for BTC and not for Safex.
I know about Omni being able to store BTC,MAIDSAFE & SAFEX and I havew noticed that when people makes deposits in the Omni wallet of either Maidsafe/Safex they get some BTC.

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As far as I’m aware Safex is currently stored on the Bitcoin Blockchain (which means you can save it to a bitcoin address), this may change to chile blockchain in the future.


Yes the blockchain will be moved to Chille. Bitcoin is just letting us sleep on it’s couch and eat it’s food right now.