Why still so many questions about wallet usage despite safex wallet tutorial?

Same situation here. 4 days and no status in Omni

Yeah it pretty annoying hey. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one.

Good morming/night everyone, depends where you are. Sorry to bother again with the whole wallet/deposits topic but I am having a hard time with this.

@jcasale or anyone kind enough to assist. I just downloaded the 0.0.3 wallet and ready to ship off my coins into it. However, I am missing something; Public and Private keys. I cannot figure out how and where he got the unencrypted keys!

I am not sure whether this is useful or not but my coins are currently in cryptopia and I have to move them soon. I do not think it is similar to the withdrawal / deposit process where you copy paste the address.

Can someone please reach out/assist? As explained, I am not sure whether I need to public and private keys or whether I am missing a step but I am not sure which key to import and how to do this, still.

Thanks in advance for the help,


You use the public key only to transfer to and from the wallet. The private key is seeb when you press the cog wheel and export keys. You sselect where to ssve it and view it in note pad. It will also create a backup. These u can save but need to keep private key private as others can add ur wallet and move coins.

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Exporting is backup and moving coins to anither wallet or usb etc. To move ur coins in and out public key is all u need.

Apologies I don’t think I phrased my question correctly. I don’t know where/how to create/generate public/private keys to import to my wallet

When u open ur wallet can u see the key ? U can add more if u like. You copy this to the exchange to transfer ur keys. Treat it like ur bank account number.

There’s an entire tutorial on this

Getting a bit much now.

Did you actually install it?

You can pretty much click the “ok” button over and over again and eventually it will give you a public key address you can send your safex to, so I’m wondering what your actual question is… or even how you ended up with Safex in the first place without knowing these things already.

AHHHH!!! gotcha! So i put that address into the withdrawal on the exchange and the money should go there!

After that, do i have to import / export anything? Thanks for the responses.

I have nothing still BTW besides regular key which isnt working for me


Watch this Abe, maybe it will help a bit



Thank you. This is helpful for general knowledge/background.

My issue is that i got a wallet that generates a key. AnD i got a key from my exchange wallet. They aren’t compatible

In @dandabek’s video, he showed that he created public/private keys. I can’t find where to create my own.

He shows in the video where and how to generate the keys

Just want to say I’ve just put all my safex into my wallet, and all I got to say is the wallet is so straight forward and simple to use, after seeing all the questions on how to use it and all the uncertainty it even made ME think it might of been hard.

Probably the most important thing
Especially if your typing it in triple check that stuff
Copy your wallet data people
Don’t lose it!

And don’t forget your password

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Never a reason to manually type in your address

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yeah, just copy / paste and you can’t miss it

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Www.Safex.io/keys is where you can create your keys.

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@dogboy, thank you and that’s exactly what i can’t seem to find. I know how to move coins, trade … Etc. trust me! I just can’t find that page for “get keys” or where you get / create the public and private keys see attached. !

I can’t see “get keys” tab. It isn’t showing. I am logged in when I do that (not sure that matters) tried different computers, Mac windows, cellphone browser. Nothing.

Try the below link, worked for me a second ago. My original link had the same error you saw.