Can't withdraw SFX/SFT from CoinDeal to LiveCoin

Getting error: address is invalid.
I contacted CoinDeal about this over a week ago and they didn’t fix it yet

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better ask @dandabek whether it is possible and safe to send SFX/SFT directly from exchange to exchange. There have been problems with SFT deposits to Livecoin lately. This might be also an issue. Better wait for GUI wallet, withdraw SFX/SFT from coindeal and send from your wallet to Livecoin when all problems are sorted.


It’s a Coindeal issue with the way they see the integrated addresses on LiveCoin. Livecoun does not use a payment ID, Coindeal doesnt recognize the integrated addresses. I had the same question asked in my discord. Rich Bates made a very good explanation of the issues. And I believe it is being worked on


As above.

CoinDeal uses the old Address + Payment ID method for deposits. LiveCoin uses the integrated address method (basically the payment ID is embedded into the address).

This is essentially how each of the exchanges handles deposits and wallet management. Will all depend on their security/integration policies.

The solution right now would be to withdraw to your own personal address, then forward on to LiveCoin. I appreciate it’s an extra step, and an extra transaction fee to cover, but this is the solution right now.


Yes coindeal is using a previous wallet software version, you need to withdraw to the cli wallet or gui wallet tomorrow and you’ll be able to send to livecoin.

I won’t make more effort to coindeal to make them change their software, it’s on them now, but I did already mention the update.

The update was related to what is called integrated addresses so you dont . need to include a payment id any more.


GUI tommorow, nice. I’ll use that


Gui wallet still on schedule for today?

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Do u have any info about sfx wallet on LiveCoin? Its been offline for couple of days and also my test deposit is pending for 40 hours.

Our team are looking into it and will report back once we’ve heard back from LiveCoin.

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Rich, any update on LiveCoin? Their support is kinda slow, no ticket response for 3 days

So if I did the transfer directly to livecoin is it gone?

There should be no issues transferring SFT/SFX to LiveCoin since this thread was made back in April. This looked like is a was a temporary issue.

It has been 4 days and the transfer did not get through.

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Perhaps give some more information so you can get an informed reply…

Did you send from another exchange or from a private wallet? If private wallet, which one?

Do you have a txn ID? Etc, etc.

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@modimo I had an issue transferring from one coindeal address to another. just a heads up dont do that… maybe its not the case for you. Give us more details so we can better help you

I did the tranffer directly from coindeal to livecoin.

Yeah seems like coindeal is not using an updated cli wallet

I don’t think you CAN send directly from CD to LC, as LC use integrated addresses and CD aren’t able to interpret them because the node/wallet they use isn’t updated… you need to send to your private wallet first and then send on.

(Caveat: unless CD have updated finally)

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So what do I do now? How can I recover it?

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