Safex Wallet not displaying Safex price!

Hi All,

Please help. My SAFEX wallet is showing the price of Bitcoin but not Safex. Does this mean something is wrong with the wallet? I was about to import my coins but think I’ll wait.

Also can anyone help me with when the Chille Blockchain goes live as until it does I might keep my coins on a paper wallet.

Many thanks for any help! I love this community…

It might be a Windows 10 issue.
My Safex Wallet v0.0.3 shows my Safex Coins, but at a value less than the current marketplace. And it doesn’t seem to change with dips and rises.
Also, at the top of my wallet it shows the current value for Bitcoin but $0 for Safex.
I believe from previous responses that Dan Dabek is aware and there will be more Wallet upgrades.


I’m on a Mac so not win10 issue… Also seemed to work a couple of weeks ago but now shows $0 for safer value at top…
Is the wallet still safe to use and then update when a new version arrives?



Yep I run windows 10 and have the same issue!

Take a look at some of the comments threaded to the Nov 1 update:

The Safex Wallet v0.0.3 should work with OSX. As bugs are reported, Dan Dabek continually makes improvements to the wallet. Do you have a link to Discord? I believe there were spam issues with github so Dan moved the community to Discord. You can go to the SafexNews website to get the link:


The latest update to the Safex Wallet v0.0.4 is for 32 bit computers. Hopefully there will be another update soon that will fix all bugs reported so far.

Best Wishes!

I have the same issue it showes value however doesnt rise and fall as to the Market

does for my wallet as well